Argosy January 22, 2009

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Argosy January 22, 2009

Transcript of Argosy January 22, 2009

January 22, 2009 Dancing at right angles since 1875Vol. 138 Iss. 13ArgosyTheI n d e p e n d e n t S t u d e n t J o u r n a l o f Mo u n t A l l i s o n U n i v e r s i t yInSackville,localbusinessesand students usually get along fairly well. However,SACEntertainmentand UncleLarrysareatoddsafterlast semesters Last Class Bash.e SAC wanted to bring DJ CAM, formerOlympicDJChampion,to Sackvillebutwereinitiallyunsureof a venue. Two weeks before Last Class Bash, Corey Yantha approached Larry Hebert,ownerofUncleLarrys,on behalf of SAC Entertainment.At rst, Hebert was resistant to the ideaofhostingtheeventbecauseit wasthesamenightasKeithsCrew, but they managed to strike a deal.However,UncleLarrysandSAC Entertainmentcantquiteagreeon what that deal was. eSACbelievedthatHebert wouldrepaythemhalfofwhatwas spentonDJCAM.Volunteersfrom theSACweretocomeat11pmto takeavedollarcoveratthedoors afterKeithsCrew,butHeberthad his own employees work the doors.When SAC entertainment planner Curtis Michaelis came the next day in order to collect on behalf of the SAC, Cover charge chaosSAC, Uncle Larrys disagree on terms of payment for Last Class BashJessica EminHelena van TolArgosy Staffhe was told that Uncle Larrys lost too muchmoneythatnightandHebert refused to pay.IgureIlostacouplethousand dollarsthatnight[].Icantprove exactly how much money I lost but Ive gotaprettygoodidea,saidHebert. is should have been the best night of the year, letting everybody in. Last classbashisthebiggestpartyofall and Ive had more people in here on a Friday night.HebertunderstoodthatSAC Entertainmentwassimplylooking foravenue,andthathewouldntbe required to pay any money as the DJ had already been hired for the night.YanthaandMichaelisdisagree, explaining that they had agreed upon taking cover at the door in advance to help recover the cost of the DJ. A day or two before the event,Yantha leftamessageatthebaraskingthat Hebertcallhimbackinorderto makesureallthearrangementswere in place. Hebert received the message and failed to return the call. AstheDJwassettingup,an argumentbrokeoutaboutwhether Hebertwouldallowthemtocharge cover after 11 pm. Finally, according toYantha,theyagreedthatHebert wouldpayhalftheDJsfeeandif people left because of the cover, they would stop charging.Itsjuststandard,explained Yantha,Anyothercluborbar anywhere,youdbepayingthat regardless. Its really strange how you dont pay cover in Sackville. Its pretty fortunate,butImeanitsaspecial event.Hebertbelievesthatpeopledidnt come because of this ve dollar cover charge. I lost a lot of money that night and I feel that the SAC is responsible for it because of doing advertising that I never authorized, he said. Still,Yanthasaidthattheevent actually brought in more people than Keiths Crew. He estimated that only seventy people or so attended Keiths Crew,whilethedanceoorwas packed after eleven for DJ CAM.Also,Hebertfeelshereceived negativeadvertisementinamass email sent out by the SAC prior to the event.ePubwasadvertisedwith drinkspecials,nocovercharge,and theopeningofthenewdanceoor, while underneath, it stated that there wasacoverchargeatUncleLarrys after Keiths Crew was over.SACPresidentMikeCurrie highly,highlydoubt[s]that[Larry] lostthousandsofdollarsbut speculatedthattheopeningofthe newPubwoulddrawsomebusiness away from Uncle Larrys. Icanunderstandthattherearea bitofcontentiousfeelingsnowthat therearetwoplacesnearcampus, saidCurrie.[butits]thestudents, Ithink,whichhaveindicatedtheir choice rather than the advertising.BoththeSACandUncleLarrys arestillbitteraboutthefailed transaction,withallegationscoming from both directions.It was a scam they were trying to pull o. [But] it backred in their face becauseIlosttoomuchmoneythat nighttohelprecuperatethem,said Hebert.eyjustneededaplaceto play in. It was free.AndYanthamaintainsthata denite verbal agreement was reached as the DJ was setting up.[Hebert]takesadvantageof studentsbecausehesjustallabout makingmoney,assertedYantha, Itsveryunfortunatethathesnot running a business like he could be in Sackville;[]thathugespacecould just be such a great opportunity for a successful club, you know.eSAChasahistoryofmaking verbalagreementsforthesekindsof events, and have never had a problem before.People in Sackville; theyre pretty respectable and we stay to our word, saidCurrie.And,unfortunately,we didntchangethat.Westilldidan oralcontactsowedontknowwhat theocialagreement[was].ButI thinktheSACwillbechangingits policyinthefuturesothatwehave theseagreementsinwritingsothat confusion like this doesnt happen.Lastweek,PaulRasbach,Board ofRegentsRepresentative,passeda motionattheSACmeetingwhich wasapprovedunanimously.e motionstatedthattheSACwould attempt to recover the lost funds. erehasbeensomespeculation about bringing this to a small claims court.Rasbachhasbeenlooking intothematter;andtheSACis considering legal action, although no concrete actions have been taken.Ithinkthebestsituation,said Currie, would be to have Larry, and a potential witness that he might have had,andus,sitdownandtalk[] aboutwhatactuallyhappened,and see if it was a miscommunication, and come to an agreement that will work for both parties.SAC Entertainment brought in DJ CAM for last semesters Last Class Bash, held at Uncle Larrys. The SAC and Uncle Larrys are currently in a dispute over cover charges for the night.Features p. 9e dark side of peacekeepingw w w . a r g o s y . c aTheAryosystheo]cclndependent student ]ourncl o] news, opnon, cnd the crts,wrtten,edtedcnd]undedbythe studentso]MountAllson0nverstyn Scckvlle,New8runswck.Theopnons expressedherendonotnecesscrly represent those o] the Aryosy's stc]] or ts 8ocrd o] 0rectors. The Aryosy s publshed weekly throuyhout the cccdemc yecr by Aryosy Publcctons lnc.Studentcontrbutonnthe]ormo] letters,crtcles,photoyrcphy,yrcphc desyncndcomcscrewelcome.The Aryosy reserves the ryht to edt or re]use cllmcterclsdeemedsexst,rccst, homophobc, or otherwse unt ]or prnt, csdetermnedbytheEdtorsnChe]. Artclesorothercontrbutonsccnbe sent to n mcroso]t word ]ormct, or drectly to c secton edtor. The Aryosy wll prnt unsolcted mctercls ct ts own dscreton. Foryenerclnqures,ncludny clcsseds cnd cdvertsny, plecse ccll our o]ce ct (50)J422J.Letterstotheedtormustbesyned, thouyhncmesmcybewthheldctthe sender'srequestcndcttheAryosy's dscreton. Anonymous letters wll not be prnted. The Aryosy reserves the ryht to edt cll submssons ]or clcrty cnd lenyth. Mcterclo]cny]ormnthspublccton scopyryhted2008200cndccnnotbe reprntedwthouttheconsento]the EdtorsnChe].PublisherArgosy Publications Inc.Editors-in-Chief Zoe Williams, Chris DurrantProduction Manager Frances McGinnisManaging Editor Louisa StrainEditorialNews Justine GalbraithFeatures Darren MercerArts and Literature Julie StephensonSports Noah KowalskiScience and Technology Stuart TownsendEntertainment William Gregory Humour Vivi Reich, Mark Comeau Submissions Erin JemczykPhotography Jessica Emin ProductionCopy Editors Juliet Manning, Sarah RobinsonGraphic Design Vivi ReichBusinessAdvertising Joselyn MacLellanArgosy.caIT Manager Stuart TownsendWritersEntertainment Neil BonnerNews Helena van TolArts Julie CruikshankFeatures Sasha Van KatwykGeneral Assignment Kelly OConnorCirculations Vivi ReichPublication BoardFaculty Dr. Michael Fox, Dr. Robert LappThe Argosy62A York Street, Sackville, NBE4L 1H3(506)364-2236 The Aryosy s c member o] the Ccncdcn 0nversty Press, c nctoncl cooperctve o] student newspcpers.2 JANUARY 22, 2009THE ARGOSY NEWS Members of Mount Allisons External Relations departmentrecentlyshowedoamenuof environmentaloptionstheywillbepresenting to potential donors, but some students and stawere only hungry for one thing: energy-ecient infrastructure. e afternoon meeting took place on January 15,andinformationwaspresentedbyMichael Cantwell,theExternalRelationsdepartments Executive Director of Campaign and University Advancement.Cantwelloutlinedanewdirectioninthe JUMPCampaigncalledeGreeningof MountAllison.Hepresentedsevenbroad, environmentally-themedoptionsthedonors could choose to fund. Primarilycatchingtheattentionofve ofthesevenstudentsinattendancewasan optioncalledtheGeneralFundforAction, describedasafundusedtopurchaseenergy-ecient equipment and subsidize infrastructure renovations. OneoftheprojectsCantwellmentioned aspossiblybeingfundedbydonationswas renovationforthefumehoodsusedinthe universityslaboratories.Others,however,had bolder suggestions. It[could]besomuchmoreambitious,the universityshouldbegoingafterbigbucks,to makeanewresidence,asustainableresidence, fromtoptobottom,andgoafterthreeorfour millionextradollarstomakethathappen, saidGeographyandEnvironmentalScience professor Brad Walters. Environmental, but not ambitious? Students question whether new JUMP Campaign priorities go far enough in the greening of Mount AChris DurrantArgosy StaffOtherprioritiesmentionedbystudents includedinvestinginwindandgeothermal energy,andndingwaystolessentheschools dependence on oil. Student Owen Roberts was at the meeting, and made his position clear.Greeninfrastructureis,inmyopinion, therstandforemostthingthatweshouldbe looking for from donors, he said.Attimes,thediscussioncenteredaround sta and students trying to understand why the infrastructure proposal was so broad. If you start with something general enough, it gives you the tools to go knock on doors, and it gives you the opportunity that if you run into someone with great ideas and lots of wealth, to entertainthoseideasexplainedCantwell,but some students were not convinced.InditdeeplyconcerningthatMt.A, ostensiblyoneofthegreenestuniversities inCanada,consistentlyfailstosetconcrete environmentalgoalsforitscapitalcampaign, saidVPExternalMarkBrister.Donors,who certainly know less about available environmental opportunities compared to some of the experts at Mt. A, cannot be given full discretion to shape future institutional environmental policy.Cantwellmentionedthatitistheuniversity thatidentiesprojectsthathethenhasa mandate to fundrai