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  • 8/3/2019 Argosy Policy Manual 2006




    DRAFT 204/10/11

    Amended By Argosy Funders, [Insert date]Revised By Publication Board, April 2011Drafted By Julie StephensonOriginal Document Argosy Constitution, c. 2006

  • 8/3/2019 Argosy Policy Manual 2006


    PART I: DEFINING PRINCIPLES1. The ArgosyStatement of Principles2. No Religious Affiliation

    PART II: MEMBERSHIP FEES1. Membership Fee2. Membership Billing Procedure3. Membership Withdrawal

    PART III: HUMAN RESOURCES1. The ArgosyCode of Conduct2. Progressive Discipline for Staff3. Performance Reviews4. Staff Surveys5. Emergency Removal Procedure6. Personal Grievances

    7. Sensitivity Training

    PART IV: FINANCES & PUBLISHING1. Honoraria2. Budget3. Purchasing4. Publishing Year5. Suspension of PublishingPART V: HIRING1. Editor in Chief Hiring Procedure2. Staff Hiring Procedure

    3. Interim Hiring Procedure4. Copy Editor Editing TestPART VI: JOB DESCRIPTIONS1. All Staff2. Editor in Chief3. Business Manager4. Advertising Manager5. Office Manager6. Production Manager7. Circulations Manager8. IT Manager9. Online Editor10. Copy Editors11. Photo Editors12. Illustrator13. Section Editors

    14. Writers

    PART VII: ADVERTISING1. Student Group Advertising2. Local Advertising3. National Advertising4. Quid Pro Quo AdvertisingPART VIII: STAFF TRAINING1. Staff Manuals2. Fall Training3. Winter TrainingPART IX: MEETINGS1. Staff Meetings2. General Meetings3. Emergency MeetingsPART X: WEBSITE1. Mandate2. Code of Conduct3. Responsibilities

    PART XI: SUSTAINABILITY1. Ecological Sustainability Framework2. Paper Waste3. Online Guides

    PART XII: CUP MEMBERSHIP1. General Definitions2. Fees3. Contact

    PART XIII: LIBEL & COPYRIGHT1. Code of Ethics2. Copyright3. Email Policy4. Confidentiality5. Charges of Libel

    PART XIV: MISCELLANEOUS1. Statements of Support2. Partnerships3. Journalism Resources4. Crake Sawdon Award

  • 8/3/2019 Argosy Policy Manual 2006


    Argosy Policy Manual Draft 3

    Part I: DEFINING PRINCIPLES1. The Argosy Statement of PrinciplesWe, the funders of Argosy Publications Inc., affirm that the student press has a vital social, political,

    and informative role. We propose the following as the basis of that role, which will be expressed in awide variety of editorial policies.

    a). Common Principlesi. We believe student publications exist as an essential component of the student communitiesthey come from and that they should be accessible to those communities.ii. In addition, we believe The Argosyshould maintain a critical perspective, and keep in mindthe needs and concerns of non-students.iii. We believe student papers can be valuable and constructive within their communities, byproviding information and analysis, and by giving a forum to individuals and groups that havelittle or no access to other media.

    iv. We also believe The Argosyshould work towards environmental responsibility.v. We believe The Argosyshould acknowledge its privileged position in being relatively freefrom commercial and managerial controls. It should strive to protect and enhance thatposition by defending its editorial autonomy and giving its staff the power to democraticallydetermine tThe

    Argosycan examine issues neglected by other media. Our mandate is to cover issues whichaffect students. However, we believe that no subject need fall outside the grasp of the studentpress, and that we best serve our purposes when we help widen the boundaries of debate oneducational and social Thus, we intend to defend freedom of expression, and make possible an atmosphere ofcritical inquiry and imaginative thought. As it recognizes the potential dangers of theconcentration of corporate media ownership, The Argosyrecognizes its responsibility to work

    towards and promote an atmosphere of media diversity.vii. In pursuit of these ideals, we shall employ educative, investigative and active methods. Wealso will try to recognize our own limitations, and to maintain a sense of humour and humility.

    b). Freedoms and Responsibilitiesi. We believe our ideals can only be achieved under conditions of freedom and autonomy forthe people working in the student press.ii. Therefore, we believe The Argosyshould be free to determine and uphold their owneditorial policies, including advertising policies, regardless of pressure from studentgovernments, school administrations, police, and any level of government, corporations orany others.iii. We believe The Argosyshould be free from the implicit editorial control that results fromfinancial control of the publication by student governments or administrators.iv. We believe The Argosyshould receive in full and without delay any student levies collectedon their behalf by administrations, or budgets approved by students, their governments, ortheir administrators. These funds should not be discontinued, withheld, or decreased by anyor in agreements between the publication and the financial body concerned.

    c). The Role ofThe Argosyi. We affirm that The Argosyshall contribute to the intellectual and social life of the Mount

    Allison community by (1) keeping students informed about events in the community, (2)

  • 8/3/2019 Argosy Policy Manual 2006


    Argosy Policy Manual Draft 4

    actively encouraging and undertaking critical analysis of events affecting Mount Allisonstudents; (3) providing a forum for reputable print media, and; (4) providing a forum for theexpression of student opinion.

    v. We affirm that the Statement of Principles is a living document, and only continual criticism,

    refinement, re-evaluation and renewal can ensure it remains so.

    2. No Religious Affiliationa. Although members are permitted to express religious inclinations so long as they do not contravenethe Statement of Principles, The Argosywill not associate itself with any particular religion or religiousgroup.Part II: MEMBERSHIP FEES1. Membership FeeThere will be an annual fee charged to all registered students of Mount Allison University.

    a. and in consultation with the outgoing Business Manager.

    b. The fee can only be raised by a 2/3 majority vote at a general meeting of the corporation.c. The meeting must be advertised in The Argosya week before it occurs with the proposed

    increase clearly stated within the advertisement.

    2. Membership Billing ProcedureDirect billing of all funders is handled by Mount Allison Financial Services. The Business Managermust fill out the appropriate paperwork once during each Academic term to receive the funds fromFinancial Services. Financial Services must be notified of changes to the membership fee directly afterthey occur.

    3. Membership WithdrawalAny funder or paying member of Argosy Publications Inc., may formally submit a written request to optout of their member fees. The request must be submitted to the Editor in Chief and referred to thePublication Board, who will approve the opt out. If a funder opts out of the payment of fees, theyrelinquish any voting rights and will not be allowed to fill either staff or student positions on thePublication Board.

    PART III: HUMAN RESOURCES1. The Argosy Code of Conducta). Scope

    i. This code applies to The Argosyworkplace. For the intent of the code the workplace isdefined as The Argosyoffice, the time at all CUP conferences, board meetings, as wellas the time spent traveling to and from said conferences and meetings. The Argosyworkplace also extends to allArgosylistservs and communications fromArgosyemailaddresses as well as any other time that anArgosystaff member or volunteer canreasonably be considered to be representing The Argosy.

    ii. This code applies to all staff members ofThe Argosy, meaning the officers and volunteers.b). Jurisdiction

  • 8/3/2019 Argosy Policy Manual 2006


    Argosy Policy Manual Draft 5

    i. Complaints with respect to a violation of this Code may be made by members of The Argosyinrelation to the conduct of other members where the complainant is directly or indirectlyaffected by the conduct in question. See paragraphs 1.h.i and 1.j.i of Part VI ofThe Argosypolicy manual.

    c). Rightsi. AllArgosystaff and volunteers may reasonably expect to pursue their work in a safe and civil

    environment. The Argosytherefore does not condone harassment or offenses against property.The Argosydoes not condone harassment on the basis of race, colour, sexual orientation,disability, age, marital status, political or religious affiliation, place of origin, class or gender.

    d). Harassmenti. Harassment may be verbal, physical, or psychological. It is unwelcome and unsolicited. It may be

    one incident or a series of incidents. Harassment consists of any vexatious comment orconduct that is known, or should reasonably be known, to be unwelcome.

    ii. Harassment may include, but is not limited to:sexuality, racial background, disability, age;2. insulting gestures and practical jokes: for example, of a sexist, racist or homophobic

    nature;3. the display of pornographic and/or racist material;4. leering;5. refusing to talk to, or work cooperatively with a person because of her or his sex, race,colour, sexuality, age;6. unwelcome physical contact, such as patting, touching, pinching;7. unwelcome sexual overtures;8. sexual assault;9. physical assault; and,10. creating, or threatening to create, a condition which unnecessarily endangers orthreatens the health, safety or well-being of another member or group of members.

    e). Behavioural Expectations

    i. Staff and volunteers are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is conducive to apositive environment and abstain from conduct that is detrimental to the reputation ofThe

    Argosy.f). O