Argosy November 27, 2008

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Argosy November 27, 2008

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November 27, 2008 Seeing Starbuck in the Salvation Army since 1875 Vol. 138 Iss. 10ArgosyTheI n d e p e n d e n t S t u d e n t J o u r n a l o f Mo u n t A l l i s o n U n i v e r s i t yWhats not to love?p. 9When it comes to on-campus dining atCanadianuniversities,vegetarians andveganscansometimesgetthe shortendofthestick.Notsoat Mount Allison, which won the Most Vegetarian-FriendlyUniversityin Canada competition hosted by peta2.Peta2 is the youth division of PETA (PeoplefortheEthicalTreatmentof Animals),theworldslargestanimal rights organisation.[We]workprimarilywith highschoolandcollegestudents onissuesthattheyfaceonadaily basis,likeimprovingvegetarianand veganoptionsindininghallsand obtainingalternativestodissections for example, explained Ryan Huling, peta2s college campaign coordinator.PETA is well-known for resorting toshockingtacticsinordertoget theirmessageacross.However, peta2svegetariancampuscontestis denitely mild in comparison to their media attention-grabbing stunts.enomineeswerechosenbased onstudentfeedbackfromFacebook, Myspace, and peta2 blogs. Universities were pitted against each other, going through three rounds of voting before the winner was announced.Eventhoughpeta2stamembers didntvisitanycampusdininghalls, Hulingbelievesthattheresultswere representativeofourvegetarian dining consistency and quality.Helena van TolArgosy StaffoftherecipesonlineatPETA;and Ithinkwedeserveitbecausethe studentsvotedforit,theyshoweda commitment, and I think it pulled us through, absolutely.Whiletherearemanyvegetarian friendlydishesavailableatJennings, somestudentsareconcernedabout the lack of options for vegans.SharonClarkson,astudentwho isvegan,sometimeshastrouble nding something to eat in meal hall. VegetarianoptionsatJenningsoften havecheeseonthem,andthiscan beproblematicforvegans,whodont includeanyanimalby-productsin their diet.IloveanimalsmorethanIlove food,andasgoodasittastes,its just a matter of what you love more, explainedClarkson.Iloveanimals, soIdontliketakingthingsfrom them. It doesnt seem fair.Slemminghasrespondedtothese complaintsandexplainedthatthe optionsarecontinuallyimproving. Lastweek,therewasvegancake. AccordingtoClarkson,vegans usually never have dessert.Whatwevestarteddoinglast week and the week before, is that we try as best as we can to make one item onthatstationitselfthatisavegan alternative,saidSlemming,Were even indicating on the glass where we write our menus whether its vegan or not. Further to that, if you are a strict vegan and cant nd anything, please comeandseeme,orseeTom,and wellabsolutelytakecareofyou,no problem.Manystudentsmayhavenoticed thatthisyearsvegetariansection has changed from last years. Usually themenuistweakedalittleevery summer,butthisyeartheytotally revamped the veggie station.Most of the recipes, Id say 90 per centofthem,arenewitemsthatthe studentshaventseenbefore,says Slemming, On a go-forward basis, we will continue to tweak, and continue to move along in that direction.Hulingwasblownawaywhen hesawtherevampedvegetarian menu,andapparently,soaremany prospective Mt. A students.Mt.Asrstplacerankingin Macleansisdrawingattentionfrom studentsacrossthecountry,butonly time will tell whether or not this rst place vegetarian-friendly ranking will encourageCanadasvegetariansto look into the university.I love animals more than I love food, and as good as it tastes, its just a matter of what you love more- Vegan Sharon ClarksonIts important to note that students arentnecessarilytheonlypeople tovoteinthecontest,saidHuling. Schoolsarentnecessarilyrequired tovoteforthemselvesiftheythink that their options are not so hot. ey might be inclined to vote for another school besides their own. But, I think thatanimportantfactor[]isthat studentmotivationisdeterminedby the real situation that students have to face every single day.e real situation faced by Mt. A students is, in fact, very positive. First yearstudentRoseFisher,saysthat outofalltheuniversitymealhalls shes visited, Mt. A is the only one at which vegetarians can consistently eat a well-balanced meal.Weputalotofeortintoit, admitsBrianSlemming,directorof diningservices.Iresearchedalot Jessica EminJessica EminThe vegetarian options at Jennings were voted best in the country in an online survey initated by peta2Vegetarians at home in Jennings Mt. A won Most-Vegetarian-Friendly University title; even with revamped menu, vegan options limited PAGE 2 THE ARGOSY NEWS NOVEMBER 27, 2008w w w . a r g o s y . c aTheAryosystheo]cclndependent student ]ourncl o] news, opnon, cnd the crts,wrtten,edtedcnd]undedbythe studentso]MountAllson0nverstyn Scckvlle,New8runswck.Theopnons expressedherendonotnecesscrly represent those o] the Aryosy's stc]] or ts 8ocrd o] 0rectors. The Aryosy s publshed weekly throuyhout the cccdemc yecr by Aryosy Publcctons lnc.Studentcontrbutonnthe]ormo] letters,crtcles,photoyrcphy,yrcphc desyncndcomcscrewelcome.The Aryosy reserves the ryht to edt or re]use cllmcterclsdeemedsexst,rccst, homophobc, or otherwse unt ]or prnt, csdetermnedbytheEdtorsnChe]. Artclesorothercontrbutonsccnbe sent to n mcroso]t word ]ormct, or drectly to c secton edtor. The Aryosy wll prnt unsolcted mctercls ct ts own dscreton. Foryenerclnqures,ncludny clcsseds cnd cdvertsny, plecse ccll our o]ce ct (50)J422J.Letterstotheedtormustbesyned, thouyhncmesmcybewthheldctthe sender'srequestcndcttheAryosy's dscreton. Anonymous letters wll not be prnted. The Aryosy reserves the ryht to edt cll submssons ]or clcrty cnd lenyth. Mcterclo]cny]ormnthspublccton scopyryhted2008200cndccnnotbe reprntedwthouttheconsento]the EdtorsnChe].PublisherArgosy Publications Inc.Editors-in-Chief Zoe Williams, Chris DurrantProduction Manager Frances McGinnisManaging Editor Louisa StrainEditorialNews Justine GalbraithFeatures Darren MercerArts and Literature Julie StephensonSports Noah KowalskiScience and Technology Stuart TownsendEntertainment William Gregory Humour Vivi Reich, Mark Comeau Submissions Erin JemczykPhotography Jessica Emin ProductionCopy Editors Juliet Manning, Sarah RobinsonGraphic Design Vivi ReichBusinessAdvertising Joselyn MacLellanArgosy.caIT Manager Stuart TownsendWritersEntertainment Neil BonnerNews Helena van TolArts Julie CruikshankFeatures Sacha Van KatwykGeneral Assignment Kelly OConnorCirculations Pat McKinnonPublication BoardFaculty Dr. Michael Fox, Dr. Robert LappThe Argosy62A York Street, Sackville, NBE4L 1H3(506)364-2236 The Aryosy s c member o] the Ccncdcn 0nversty Press, c nctoncl cooperctve o] student newspcpers.ree chalk outlines of a body were marked on theoorofthechapel.Eachrepresentedthe lives of ten transgender individuals killed in the last year. iswaspartoftheceremoniesofthe TransgenderDayofRemembrance,heldon November 20. It is the second time that Catalyst, MountAllisonsqueer-straightalliance,held the event. Inadditiontothechalkoutlines,the ceremony involved the reading aloud the names ofthe31transgenderpeoplekilledinthelast year, as candles were lit in remembrance. Each yearsincetheviolentdeathofRitaHesterin SanFranciscoin1998,adayofTransgender Remembrancehasbeenheldtohonourthose killed in acts of transgender hatred. Organizersoftheeventemphasizedthe factthatsincetherstdayofremembrance, notamonthhaspassedwithoutthemurder ofatransgenderperson.Catalystactivism chairEmmetForsythesaidthemediaoften underreportsactsoftransgenderhatred,and thatonlyoccasionallyiscoveragegiventoa murder. Welosethepictureofhowalarmingly frequentaneventthisis,becauseofthefocus thatgetsputoncertaindeaths,saidForsythe. So I think an event like this that puts together all of the deaths is important.Forsythebelievesthatthatbecauseofthe underreporting of these crimes, the list of names for the year is probably missing some people. Areoccurringthemeintheeventwasthe need to go beyond commemorating the lives of dead.Duringtheceremony,Catalystpresident KatieSaulniertalkedabouthowtheneedto memorialize these lives is great, and the need to bring about change is greater still. In his prayer, University Chaplin John Perkin asked God to inspire those with anger over the Chris DurrantArgosy Staffdeaths to use it to dismantle hate, dismantle the fear of dierence, and dismantle all that insights violence. More than 30 students, sta, and community members were in attendance, including rst year studentAmeliaorpe-Gosley.Shebelieves thatitisimportantforstudentstoshowtheir supportoftopicsthataretouchyandthat peopledontreallyliketotalkabout.Second yearstudentMartinWightmansaidhewas there representing the Mount Allison Christian Fellowship. Ithoughtitwasimportanttocomeout andshowsupport,saidWightman.[Im]not sayingthatwealwaysagreewiththethings that happen in these situations, but we certainly wanttoshowsupport,thatwetotallysupport the anti-violence message here. eeventatMt.Awasoneofmorethan 120hostedaroundtheworldthatday,with ceremoniestakingplaceinlocationsranging fromSanFranciscotoTurkeyandvirtual ceremoniestakingplaceintheonlinegame, Second Life. Catalyst remembers those transgender individuals killed in acts of hatredIt was a dark and snowy night. e SAC meeting began with President Mike Curries assurance to the council that Bell Scholarships would in fact be oered in the upcoming academic year. VPCommunicationsAbigailMcGillivary remindedcouncillorsoftheimportanceof emailing their constituents the weekly SAC news and of ccing her to the email for accountability. Councillorswhodontsendtheiremailsorcc McGillivarywillberesponsibleforpresenting in front of the council the reasons why. DuringCouncillorConcerns,O-campus councillorCejayRileyaskedthatstudentsbe sentanemailaboutwhenthegrillinthenew caf is going to be shut down, so they can make alternative food arrangements. BigelowrepRachaelBetuikbroughtupthe badsmellandleakingintheentranceofthe new Student Centre, and mentioned that some studentswhowalkthroughthepuddleendup slipping in the main foyer. VP Campus Life Pat Barry said that the leak is the cause of the smell, andsincethebuildingissti