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Transcript of Argosy January 27, 2011

INSIDENewsOp/EdFeaturesHumourCentrefoldSci/TechEntertainmentArts & LitSports2-45-78-1012-1314-1517-1920-21 23-2526-27SAC progressWith elections underway, we ponder the uses, abuses, successes, and failures of the SACOP/ED, PAGE 5Here we go...Sackville is once again pushing our cold tollerance. How could we survive in the extreme? SCI & TECH, PAGE 18THE ARGOSYJanuary 27, 2011Braving the Sackville weather since 1875Vol. 140 Iss. 15Te administrators swung into action tofndanappropriatereplacement forthepositionofVicePresident ResearchandAcademicwhenDr. StephenMcClatchieannouncedhis departure from Mount Allison at the end of the academic year. Dr.BerkeleyFleming,whohas thirty-threeyearsofexperienceat Mt.Aandisthecurrentlyacting Dean of Social Sciences was selected byDr.RobertCampbell,President oftheuniversity,afterconsultation with other senior administrators.Tisnewjobisawideportfolio butIvebeensufcientlyinvolved over my thirty-three years here...that I can think I can handle it. Teres a learning curve, but I dont think itll bethatsteep,saidFleming,who will begin his new one-year position on July 1, 2011.Te portfolio of the VP Academic andResearchincludesoverseeing academicrenewal,externalreviews, andhiringofnewstaf.Despitethe brevityofhisterm,Fleminghas plentyofideasforprojectsthatfall under his portfolio.He cites increasing the number of facultyinthesmallerdepartments, suchassociologyandanthropology, consolidatingacademicadvising servicesforstudents,carryingon with support services to new faculty, andimprovingtheregistration processasthemainchangeshe would like to see implemented.Te ideaistomaintainthemomentum thathasdevelopedoverthepast couple of years, he said.FLEMING, page 4Rebecca Anne DixonArgosy CorrespondentNew VP Academic announcedDr. Berkley Fleming named interim while search begins for replacementLea FoyIfdiamondsareforever,willthe mayhemsurroundingthembe everlasting?Insteadofadmiringa sparklinggemondisplay,consider theindirectdeathsitmayhave causedonitsjourneytothestore window. On January 22, Ian Smillie met with Mount Allison students to share his take on the nasty diamond trade and the violence that it funds.Confictorblooddiamonds areillegal,buthowdoyouknow ifthegemisorisnttainted?A diamondthatisminedinanarea controlledbycriminalforces,and then sold in order to fnance hostility againstciviliansorgovernment,is considered to be a blood diamond. Smillie,adiamondexpert,helped link the trade to violence in Africa.Smillietookinterestinthetopic when he noticed that some countries wereimporting largeamountsof diamondsfrom nationswho hadntproduced theproduct t h e m s e l v e s . Wherewerethe rockscoming from?Answers cameinchaotic fragments.In 1991inSierra Leone,the RevolutionaryUnitedFront(RUF) ignitedaneleven-yearbloodbath withincessantattemptstosecure illegitimateauthorityoverthe nation.Tofundthiscivilwar,the RUF looked to diamonds. TeRUFtookcontrolofareas wherethehigh-valuedrockwas beingmined,andproceededto selldiamonds forfnancial support.Tese blooddiamonds spillintothe streamofgems thatcompanies i m p o r t , u n d e t e c t e d . Troughlack ofregulation andawareness, everydollarthat consumersspent ondiamondswasadollarinthe RUFs pocket.SmilliespokeattheAtlantic InternationalStudiesOrganization (ATLIS)conferenceaboutthe issueofconfictdiamondsinSierra Leoneandotherafectedareas.He explained that diamonds are not the causeofwarandviolence:theyare simply fuel for the fre. Smillie spoke oftheKimberleyProcess(KP), anorganizationthathelpsprevent confict diamonds from being traded.In2003theKPCertifcation Scheme(KPCS)begantoenlist countriesthatwerewillingto monitorthefowofdiamonds throughtheirborders.Tismeans closelyinspectingalldiamonds thatareexportedorimported,so thatagemmaybetrackedfromits minedbirthplacetoitsfnalretail destination.Inordertoobtaina KPcertifcateandlegallysellthe product,participatingnationsmust adheretostrictlawsinorderto IAN, page 10Anissa StambouliFeatures WriterBattling blood diamondsIan Smillie speaks to students about the controversial diamond tradeIt hadnt occurred to us that a member government would actually kill people in order to enforce the KP which is all about stopping the killing of people.Ian SmillieAuthor and independent consultantOlenka Krakus serenading the crowd on Friday night at the Vogue Cinema. Krakus was part of an all-star lineup that took part in Stereophonic 8 last weekend in Sackville. For more coverage, check out the full centrefold with reviews and pictures on pages 14 and 15.NEWS January 27, 2011argosy@mta.cathursday january 27, 2011 volume 140 issue 15John Traford, Madi-son Downe, Anna McLean, Anna Rob-ertson, Andrew Nicol,Bernard Soubry,Rosalind Crump,Isabel Turk, Rebecca Dixon, Madeleine Northcote, Morgan Traynor, Martin Wightman, Nicolas AlbertTHE ARGOSY is a member of the Canadian University Press, a national co-operative of student newspapers.THEARGOSYwww. a r g o s y. c aIndependent Student Newspaper of Mount Allison University62 York Street W. McCain Student Centre Mount Allison University Sackville, New Brunswick E4L 1E2Telephone 506 364 2236Email argosy@mta.caTHE ARGOSY is published by Argosy Publications, Inc, a student run, autonomous, apolitical not-for-proft organization operated in accordance with the province of New Brunswick.editorialstafEDITOR-IN-CHIEF Noah Kowalski argosy@mta.caNEWS Maggie Lee FEATURES Hannah Saunders SUBMISSIONS John Brannen ARTS & LIT.Mira Le-Ba IT MANAGER Pat Losier CIRCULATIONS M.E. Garley supportstafcontributorswritingstafNEWS Carly Levy POLITICAL BEAT Rachel GardnerFEATURES Anissa Stambouli ARTS Jennifer MusgraveENTERTAINMENT Becky Martin SCIENCE Matt CollettSPORTS Wray PerkincomplaintsComments, concerns, orcomplaintsabouottheArgosyscontentor operationsshouldbefrstsenttotheEditorinChiefattheaddress above. If the Editor in Chief is unable to resolve a complaint, it may be taken to the Argosy Publications, Inc. Board of Directors. Te chairs of the Board of Directors can be reached at the address above.disclaimersTeArgosyistheofcialindependentstudentjournalofnews,opinion, andthearts, written, editedandfundedbythestudentsof Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick. Te opinions expressed herein do not necessarily represent those of the Argosys stafor its Board of Directors. Te Argosy is published weekly throughout the academic year by Argosy Publications Inc.Student contribution in the form of letters, articles, photography,graphicdesignandcomicsarewelcome. TeArgosyreservesthe right to edit or refuse all materials deemed sexist, racist, homophobic,orotherwiseunftforprint, asdeterminedbytheEditor-in-Chief.Articlesorothercontributionscanbesenttoargosy@mta.cain microsoft word format, or directly to a section editor. Te Argosy will print unsolicited materials at its own discretion.Letterstotheeditormustbesigned, thoughnamesmaybe withheldatthesendersrequestandattheArgosysdiscretion.Anonymous letters will not be printed.productionstafPRODUCTION MANAGER Sasha Van Katwyk argosy@mta.caCOPY EDITORS Rhiana Bams, Will Howard, & Sarah Visintiniargosy@mta.caILLUSTRATOR Matt Collett PHOTO EDITORS Ainslie Moss & Lea Foyargosy@mta.caPublished since 1875 Circulation 2,000operationsstafBUSINESS MANAGER Justin Baglole argosy@mta.caADVERTISING MANAGER Greg Kerry OFFICE MANAGER Julie Stephenson argosy@mta.caENTERTAINMENT Michelle Cielen SCIENCE & TECH Susan Rogers SPORTS & FITNESS Dave Zarum sports@argosy.caHUMOUR Chris Chevallier & Emily Phillips humour@argosy.capublicationboardDr. Karen Bamford, Dr. Dave Tomas, Rob Burroughs, Martin WightmanAllmaterialsappearingintheArgosybearthecopyrightofArgosy Publications, Inc. Material cannot be reprinted without the consent of the Editor in Chief.copyrightInformation on Memorial Library fnally accessible to studentsAdministration speaks to students directly about Memorial Library decisionNews WriterCarly LevyAninformationsessionwasheldMondayfor studentsinterestedinlearningmoreabout therecentdecisiontoreplacetheMemorial Library building with an entirely new building that would house a Fine and Performing Arts Centre. Teinformationsessionfeatureda presentation by Mount Allison Vice-President Administration David Stewart followed by an open forum moderated by SAC President Sam Gregg-Wallace.Tesessiongavestudentsa chance to ask the administration questions that are important to them.Aftergivingabriefintroductiontothe history of Mt. As buildings, Stewart described thefourstageprocessofrenovatingseveral academicbuildingsoncampusoutlinedin theFacilitiesMasterPlancreatedin2001. Currentlytheuniversityismovingintostage fouroftheprocess:convertingtheMemorial Library, the former student centre, into a new Fine and Performing Arts Centre. In early fall, the administration released the results of an assessment by Zeidler Partnership Architects which determined that it would be imprudenttousethebuildinginitscurrent state.Mt.Asinternalprojectmanagersthen assessed the feasibility of retaining the building keeping in mind the requirements of the Fine Arts department and Windsor Teatre. Aftertakingintoconsiderationspecifc requirementssuchassufcientheadroomin studios and the load bearing capabilities of the building,thereportfoundanadditionalfve milliondollarswouldberequiredtoconvert the present building into a space sufcient for the new Fine and Performing Arts Centre. Tese fndings were presented to the Board ofRegentsatameetinginearlyOctober. Stewartelaboratedthataclearconsensuswas reachedamongtherepresentativespresent atthemeetingthatthebuildingshouldbe replacedbyanewbuilding.Itsnotalackof commitmenttoourbuildings,saidStewart, whocitedthemainreasonforthisdecision astheextracost,whichwouldhavetobe recuperated by a hike in tuition fees. Stewartbrokethefvemilliondollar expenditure down, explaini