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  1. 1. D&AD New Blood Awards Airbnb Strategy
  2. 2. Interrogating the brief Airbnb Background Airbnb is a website for people to rent out houses and lodge which runs in 190 countries. It was clear Airbnb focused on attaining an emotional connection with their users the notion of belonging and community was continually repeated in the brief and made obvious through their use of content strategy over the years. This alongside who a new audience would be was further explored
  3. 3. New Audience Research Research highlighted that regular users of Airbnb were those who were more carefree and a risk taker therefore we chose to challenge ourselves and target the complete opposite target profile who wouldnt use Airbnb the conscientious person. We asked what they thought of the service
  4. 4. Airbnbs Problem The idea of belonging is the centre of all airbnbs communications at the moment there is no focus on addressing the issues there are with the service which would reassure the conscienscious person the service is safe Insight Content advertising focusing on how joining airbnb makes you feel like you belong will not persuade users to use airbnb as it does not reassure the minds of the current and future community that the service is safe
  5. 5. Airbnb will act as a mutual friend, as it is the body of trust and reassurance through getting to know both the host and the traveller.
  6. 6. The Strategy To grow the Airbnb community perceptions need to be changed, and the best way to do this is to alter the services that are already in place.
  7. 7. An advertorial helps to raise awareness of the changes/features, to help remove scepticism A recurring theme that we found was the more knowledge people have of something the more they trust it therefore the advertorial would include: Airbnbs unique history how the service works which predominantly highlight the vast array of communication features airbnb has in place for hosts and guests to get to know each other linking airbnb to acting as the mutual friend The mission statement Advertorial can be displayed in a number of different ways, in a range of magazines, adapting the apartments used to appeal to the audience of the particular magazine. This enables airbnb to reach a global audience that they have. A collage of screenshots of the new and improved website, alongside images of airbnb homes and friendly hosts linking with the community theme In order to entice readers to read the article, a image of a beautiful sunset from an airbnb hosts home will be included To reach to the varied audience airbnb caters for we would place advertorials in wide-reaching publications such as the metro.
  8. 8. While the advertorial provides a large amount of information, more needs to be done to create awareness on a bigger scale. Here the belo symbol has been transformed into the mutual friend. Each city will have a belo relevant to the location. The Billboard will be displayed across major cities, train stations and airports as a reminder to travellers of the service, as well as portraying the proposition clearly. People will be invited to take a selfie with the #belobuddy and upload it to social media to create awareness of the service, and put into action travelling with Airbnb as a mutual friend. Once uploaded they will be automatically entered into a number of prize draws related to airbnb.