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The Product

-Vacation rental platform that helps users find places to stay when theyre traveling-Utilize a sharing economy so that 2

Overall valuation now: ~$25 billionProjected 2015 revenue: $900 million Project 2015 operating loss: $150 millionFuture: Predicted revenue of $10 billion Looking to be profitable by 2020

Financial Background

Company History

2007: The humble beginnings

Summer 2008: Airbed & Breakfast

Spring 2009: Y Combinator anyone? Rebranded as Airbnb

Spring 2011: 1 million nights booked!

Summer 2014: Complete visual overhaul/rebrand

Summer 2015: Airbnb is now valued at over 25 billion dollars

Whats hot? The controversies

-Recent advertisements have created a stir -Its not good in the uphill battle that airbnb is already having in san francisco with their product5

Whats its sauce?Takes advantage of the sharing economyServicing budget-minded peopleUnique comfortable space for rentalsPush to grab market share (Homeaway)

Mr. Brian Chesky

Aug 2008: The cereal box funding experience ($30k) sold 500 boxes of obama os500 boxes of captain mccains


The Competition


Its growing, baby

Its on its way upSharing economy is the future$100 billion market Only @ 1% of the market currently, but growing