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1. Adult Softball Tournament Prepared for The City of Wilmington, NC Prepared by Sarah E. Chambers 2. Purpose The purpose of this event is to provide Wilmington community members an opportunity to host an event promoting: Fun Teamwork Healthy competition Together with our Sponsor, Budweiser, we will proudly host the First Annual Wilmington Adult Softball Tournament 3. Benefits Wilmington $ hotels $ restaurants $ gas $ shopping 4. Benefits Bully City, Arizona Hosted 1,680 people 54 Softball Teams $200,437!!!!!! Lodging Shopping Entertainment Restaurants Gas 5. Additional Benefits There are many more benefits than purely monetary ones: Brings together members of the Wilmington Community Creates healthy competition surrounding physical activity, which helps to promote exercise Softball helps improve hand eye coordination, strengthens upper-body muscles, and is a cardiovascular activity Promotes teamwork Potential to create a long term opportunity through a season-long softball league Provides a chance to work with our sponsors 6. Event Management