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Productguide CNC machine tools and equipmen


17/18"We keep your world turning"

Creating the future!TEXIMP changes the world in relation to manufacturing. Our leading range of machine tools and parts has been used in leading industrial sectors for the past 40 years. We are one of the world's leading companies sup-plying automotive, toolmaking, electrical, ship-building, aviation and rail industries. Please contact us to get a tailor made assessment for your needs.

We are an international trading company spe-cialising in technically sophisticated products and expert consultancy. Our core competence is based on sound specialist knowledge and a secure and well-established network with our customers and suppliers, and delivers compre-hensive support for our clients. We offer you more than just technically sophisticated products from selected

suppliers for a large number of CNC produc-tion processes. From us you can expect comprehensive service, including sales advice, finance, training and service.

We safeguard your investments by means of extensive after-sales services, and lay the foundation stone for long-term cooperation. Since 1982 we have concentrated on sales and distribution in Central and Southeast Europe.

Continuous training of our employees and eight branches in seven countries mean we can guarantee expertise and efficiency on your doorstep. We see ourselves as genuine team players, combining visionary thinking with realistic economic factors.

Your needs are at the focal point of all our considerations.

Ivan Bornatico, CEO

Topics S 3 Prologue

S 4 Your local TTC

S 6 Teximp International

S 8 Teximp History

S 10 Haas Automation

S 20 Nakamura-Tome

S 24 Matsuura

S 28 Tornos

S 32 SHW Werkzeugmaschinen

S 35 Teximp Sponsoring

S 36 Teximp Technology

S 38 Teximp Service

S 42 Teximp Retro

Teximp Zurich Headquaters

BelusaPrague Brno




Sofia Bucharest




- 2 - - 3 -

Your Technology - & Service Centre in Prague

Teximp TTC (Centres) The benefits our customers will gain from Teximp are multiple. Our companys policy of prompt communication using modern technology & service centres (TTC) offers you the opportunity to test the functional suitability of our products before making any investment.

Teximps highly trained specialists will assist all individual visitors and provide machinedemonstrations, machining of parts, training and instruction of our customers employees.

There is a whole array of brands that can be tested locally.

Teximp is your trusted partner which offers:

Highly trained specialists who can provide unmatched local, needs-oriented and comprehensive advice

Products from the worlds top manufac-turers, such as Haas, Tornos, Nakamura-Tome, Matsuura and SHW, all of which are available for testing

Machine demonst-rations, machining of parts, training and instruction of your employees which are guaranteed and available at any time

A permanent display with numerous exhibits offers our customers a glimpse into the wide variety and large number of options available to service their needs at any time

Designated technical seminars at Teximps locations which are guaranteed to provide our clients with up-to-date expertise and professional training

Teximp Technology- & Service-Centres TTC

Teximp Prague Teximp Belusa Teximp Ljubljana Teximp Zagreb Teximp Belgrade Teximp Zenica Teximp Cluj-Napoca Teximp Sofia

rely on our experience your success is our


Your needs are at the focal point of all our considerations. Only a few advantages of a partnership with Teximp.

more than 2400 satisfied customers more than 6000 installed machine tools demo machines from Haas Automation, Nakamura-Tome, Matsuura

and Tornos in our show-room 62 certified service technicians Haas spare parts from stock and 41 service-vans Large training rooms

Integrated solutions from one single source

- 4 - - 5 -

Your local Teximp Technology & Service Centres

teximp Zurich Teximp SA / headquarters Kohlrainstrasse 10 CH-8700 Ksnacht tel. 0041 44 914 40 00 schweiz@teximp.com

teximp Praha Teximp spol s.r.o. K Zelen ci 2923/8 CZ-193 00 Praha 9 Horn Po cernice Tel. 00420 286 853 180 czech_praha@teximp.com

teximp Brno Teximp spol s.r.o Kolarikova 10 CZ-62100 Brno Tel. 00420 541 320 102 czech_brno@teximp.com

teximp Belusa Teximp s.r.o. L. Stra 1680/36 SK-01861 Belusa tel. 00421 42 471 1094 slovakia@teximp.com

teximp Ljubljana Teximp d.o.o. Letali ska 27 SI-1000 Ljubljana tel. 00386 1 524 03 57 slovenia@teximp.com

teximp Zagreb Teximp d.o.o. Rimski put 31 HR-10360 Sesvete tel. 00385 1 233 19 87 croatia@teximp.com

teximp Belgrade Teximp d.o.o. Surcinski put 1b, SRB-11070 Novi Belgrad tel. 00381 11 7129 428 serbia@teximp.com

teximp Bucharest SC Teximp VV Srl Bd. Theodor Pallady Nr. 40R RO-032266 Bucuresti, Sector 3 tel. 0040 21 345 0185 romania_bucharest@teximp.com

teximp Cluj-Napoca Teximp Cluj SRL Strada Avram Iancu No. 442-446 RO-407280 Cluj-Napoca/Floresti tel. 0040 264 27 50 50 romania_cluj@teximp.com

teximp Zenica Teximp SA d.o.o. Zenica c/o Tehnicka skola Bilmisce 69 BIH-72000 Zenica tel. 00387 32 445 640 bih@teximp.com

teximp Sofia Teximp Ltd. Vrajdebna area 81 Chelopeshko shosse str. BG-1839 Sofia tel. 00359 886 156 243 bulgaria@teximp.com

Teximp International TEXIMP SA is an international trading company specialising in sales and service of CNC machine tools; lathes and machining centres. With own technology and service centres in 8 countries in South Eastern Europe we guarantee best local support for our customers. We exclusively represent the famous manufacturers Haas Automation, Nakamura-Tome, Tornos, Matsuura and SHW. Your needs are at the focal point of all our considerations.

Our continued growth confirms our success and gives us confirmation that we are on the right track. We are a fair and reliable partner to our customers and suppliers.

Stay up-to-date with us

Visit us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/Teximp-SA-548613625307925

Check out our Youtube-Channel: www.youtube.com/user/teximpsa

Our Teximp Kiosk: Find the latest product brochures and client success strories kiosk.teximp.com

- 6 - - 7 -

Teximp History

1982 Establishment of the joint-stock company Teximp SA by 4 partners

1987 Takeover of 100% shares by Vlado Vukoja Opening new sales markets in Czechoslovakia and former


1994 Expansion of the sale and service organisation.

1997 Opening of the 1st Teximp Technical Centre (TTC) in Prague

1999 Sales figures increased to over 50 machines per year

2001 More than 100 CNC machine sold

2002 Teximp SA celebrates its 20 years anniversary

2003 Workforce increases to over 40 employees

Over 180 new CNC machine tools sold

Consolidated turnover of CHF 30 million achieved

2004 Opening of the Teximp Technology Centre (TTC) in Ljubljana/Slovenia Opening of the second Teximp Technology Centre (TTC) in

Prague/Czech Republic

2005 Employment of over 60 members of staff Over 250 machines sold in one year 4 Technology and Service Centres (TTC)

2007 Opening of 2 new technology and service centres in Romania (Cluj-Napoca & Bucharest)

Teximp SA celebrates its 25 years anniversary Workforce over 100 employees

2009 Opening of the Teximp Technology Centre (TTC) in Belusa/Slovakia

2011 Over 300 new CNC machines sold Opening of 2 new technology and service centres

in Sofia (Bulgaria) & Belgrade (Serbia)

2012 30 years anniversary Over 360 new CNC machines sold Opening of the technology and service centre in

Zagreb (Croatia)

2013 ISO 9001 certified

2014 Workforce increases to over 110 employees. Sales figures increased to over 580 machines per year Opening of the new Teximp Technical Centre (TTC) in

Prague with Showroom area of more than 800m2 and 500m2 offices and training rooms.

2015 T eximp SA celebrates his 33 years anniversary in Split / Croatia

2016 8 Technology and Service Centres (TTC) in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzogovina, Romania, Bulgaria

More than 2400 satisfied customers

More than 6000 installed machines

One of the first CNC machines from Tornos sold from Teximp.

- 8 - - 9 -

The Haas difference Made in Americas largest, most innovative

manufacturing facility Exceptional operational excellence for high

volume and affordable prices 13,300 Haas machines built and sold each

year 60 per day Published prices online to bring the industry

honesty and transparency Highly reliable solutions at the lowest

long-term cost with the most convenient service

Highest resale value

Haas Automation USA The largest machine tool builder in the wes-

tern world

Founded in 1983 and privately owned by Gene Haas

Located in Oxnard, California, USA 100,000 m facility run on the best lean