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  • C2C Lab

    July 11nd , 2013

    Fonz Dekkers Site manager

  • Program Secretary

    Sustainability & innovation


    Environmental Technoloy & design

    Site manager

    Global Sustainability Solutions Center


    Fonz Dekkers

    Freelance consultant

    Energy & Sustainability

  • Sustainability at ASU: The Global Institute of Sustainability

    Sustainability describes the future we want now is the time

    to produce evidence of our leadership and accelerate the impact of our global solutions

  • Provides education, innovation and interface to create solutions to global sustainability challenges

    ASUs Global Institute of Sustainability

  • GIOS is cross-cutting

    Global Institute of Sustainability

    over 260 sustainability scientists and scholars Approximately 1400 Students

    pursue an overriding goal: to find and share knowledge that addresses the major challenges we face

  • Rob and Melani Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives


  • Mission Develop use-inspired knowledge

    to solve sustainability problems

    Educate and deploy implementers

    Innovate, network, lead, take risks to create a more sustainable world

  • Extension Service

    Global Solutions Centers

    Global Studies

    Sustainability Fair

    Next- Generation


    Executive Masters

    Fellowships for

    Practitioners and Scholars

    Climate Adaptation


    At the core: solutions


  • Goal: Co-develop and implement knowledge-based, practical, measurable solutions to sustainability problems on-site with partners Strategy: Form partnerships in 3 locations (Asia, Europe, So. America) Establish an office Identify local/regional sustainability problems Engage to solve them

  • Why?

    Universities not typically focused on solutions

    Accessing knowledge difficult Transdisciplinary systems approach required Innovation for sustainability

    is frontier

    To dramatically accelerate global impact of sustainability initiatives

    Create non-traditional, applied learning experiences for future leaders in sustainability

  • (Possible) future engagements

  • Thank You for Coming Today.