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1. Digital PhotographyMary E. Snapp 2. Vector Embellishment 3. Multi Shot 4. Layer Mask 5. Projected Portraiture 6. Exercise 1 7. Fall 2014 Opening Shots 8. Macro Cosmedia

PowerPoint Presentation DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY BASIC STUDIO BUDGETS Muhammad Nur Firdaus Bin Mohd Noor GM093932 EOS 6D(BODY) EOS 6D(BODY) EOS 6D is the world's lightest*

Graphic Design Digital Photography Final Exam Review Assignment DIRECTIONS Answer the following questions using resources on the class website. Also, think about what we

1. DiGiTaLPhOtOgrapHy 2. Photography for me is how do you take thephotos, there are a lot of ways of taking photos.Also there are things that make your photo better. When

1. Digital Photography 2. Kodak 3. To upload photos 4. Click on browse to find photos on your computer 5. A window


Slide 1 Digital Photography How to get a great shot Choosing a format Most cameras are designed to be held horizontally for comfort, so most pictures are taken this way But,

1. DigitalPhotographyJosh Coulter CIS -1070Photo Editing 2 2. Basic Principles ofPhotography The rule of thirds Cropping ForeGround Shooting angle Details

1. Digital Photography Examining types of Equipment 2. Digital Cameras Include information on different types of cameras and some of the functions they provide. Also who

Digital Photography. Objectives. After completing this class, you will be able to: Explain the benefits, features, and workings of a digital camera. Explain how digital images…

Digital Photography Digital Photography Prof. Vaccaro Hofstra University Todays class roadmap Review Assignment No. 1 (editorial plan) Rundown of students to make sure

PowerPoint Presentation Digital Photography Monday, October 18 Unity and Division Get Close to your subject Your subject should be the star of your photos, and the one way

1. Developing Directions for Translational Biomedical Research at the University of Illinois Town Hall Forum 2. Agenda 1:00 p.m. Welcome and Introduction Charles Zukoski,

1. Introduction to Digital Photography An Overview of digital camera technology, basic photographic techniques. 2006-06-01 2. Oh the Technology! DSLR, Megapixels, Image Stabilisation,

1.DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY ASSIGNMENT2. LANDSCAPE AND NATURE PHOTOGRAPHYBYTANISHA JAISWAL BJMC 2C 2012-15 3. Landscape photography is the supreme test of photographers

Digital Photography Digital Photography Photography is art. And like any other art, your photographs are an expression of your heart and soul. PHOTOGRAPHY IS AN ART To capture

Slide 1 Digital photography! By: Rosanne Lam 6-1 QUARTER 4!! !UNTOUCHED! I took this picture of Jacqueline by putting the camera behind my hair, giving the picture a cool

Digital Photography Digital Photography By: Andrew Leach What are the different types of camera angles? The different types of camera angles are as follows: -Eye-level -High

Digital photography Digital photography By. Alexus.santiago and Guadalupe diaz 2D Object 3D Object Straight Lines Intersecting Lines Obtuse Angle Acute Angle Parallel Lines