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  7. 7. About the Author Rob Sheppard is the author/photographer of more than 25 books, a well-known speaker and workshop leader, and is editor-at-large and columnist for the prestigious Outdoor Photographer magazine. As author/photographer, Sheppard has written hundreds of articles about photography and nature, plus books ranging from guides to photography such as Digital Photography: Top 100 Simplified Tips & Tricks, 3rd edition, to books about Photoshop including Adobe Camera Raw for Digital Photographers Only and Outdoor Photographer Landscape and Nature Photography with Photoshop CS2. His Web site is at and his blog is at Authors Acknowledgments Any book is only possible with the help of a lot of people. I thank all the folks at Wiley for their work in creating books like this and their work in helping make the book the best it can be. I really appreciate all the work that editor Sarah Hellert did along with her associates in helping keep this book clear and understandable for the reader. I also thank my terrific wife of 28 years who keeps me grounded and focused while I work on my books. I thank the people at Werner Publications, my old home, where I was editor of Outdoor Photographer for 12 years and helped start PCPhoto magazine I thank them for their continued support so I can stay on top of changes in the industry. I especially thank Chris Robinson, Wes Pitts, and Steve Werner for their efforts in keeping a strong magazine presence in the photo market, and a place for my work, too. That magazine work enhances and enriches what I can do for readers of my books. And I thank Rick Sammon for his support and inspiration in doing photography books. 01_380253-ffirs.qxp 7/18/08 9:43 PM Page v
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