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  • 1. Taking Pictures that Tell a Story

2. At least 5 digital pictures, one per math problem You may take more than 5 pictures to enhance yourstory Each picture should fit your story You must complete a planning sheet for each pictureso you know what you are doing 3. You can take pictures at home and on the weekends(good idea so you have time to decoratethe fun part!) With special permission, you may arrange to takepictures in locations outside the 6th grade hall Consider taking a picture for the cover of your book Take several pictures from different angles for eachpicture. That way you can choose the best one whenyou go to print them. Take your project seriously, but have fun doing it! 4. Close-ups Get up close andpersonal to the subjectof your photo Gives the illusion ofbeing in the momentwith the character 5. Interesting angles Put a new perspectiveon your photo Get down low, get uphigh, try new things 6. Directing attention to a specific person/thing Think about what youwant your readers eyesto be looking at Make this person/thingthe center of theattention 7. Not all pictures haveto be about people Using a variety of subjects in your pictures makes your book interesting. Use props, furniture, etc. 8. Goodluckandhavefun!