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Transcript of Your Patent and Legal Services Partner Effectual Services Your Patent and Paralegal Services Partner...

  • Effectual Services

    Your Patent and Paralegal Services Partner

    Phone (India): +91-901-367-3286 Phone (US): +1-972-256-8133

    Phone (UK): +44-203-286-8233

    Web: Email:

  • Effectual Services 2

    About the firm

    To be a leading service provider in the Intellectual Property

    services domain by consistently delivering quality and value to

    our clients

    Effectual Services - Fact Sheet

    Year Founded 2010

    Employees 70 full time and access to 100+ Industry Experts/Consultants

    Competence ~80 % Employees are Technical Graduates / Engineers

    Academic Degrees PhD’s, Post graduates, Engineers and Law graduates from reputed Universities

    and Colleges.

    Major Clients IP and Patent law firms, Commercial law firms, Corporate clients, Universities, and

    patent brokerage and licensing firms spread across four continents

    Customer Satisfaction 95% of our business comes from client referrals and repeat business

    Key advantages  One Stop Shop: Technical specialist for all major technical areas and providing

    services in creation, management, and monetization of patents.

     Multi-lingual search capabilities including English, Japanese, Chinese, and

    Korean languages.

    Access to leading commercial and non-commercial patent database and tools,

    research publications, and trade journals.

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    2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017

    About the firm – Insights

    Started with just 3 people on board in the year 2010, Over the years, Effectual Services has grown into a team of 54

    dedicated employees including 42 technical and legal experts. We all share a common objective, i.e. to provide global IP

    community with reliable IP and Legal support services. This growth is attributed to the quality output we

    deliver, combined with trust and loyalty of our clients.

    We attract the best talent in India and provide an exciting and simulating work environment so that they realize their

    true potential.

    - Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a Law degree - 11 Years of work experience. - Worked with more than 100 US and EP attorneys, with various law firms and corporations - Technology expertise: Mobile networks, data security, encryption, computer networks, and navigation and e- commerce applications.

    - PhD. degree in Mobile & Wireless Communication. - 11 Years of work experience. - Prepared more than 300 Evidence of Use (EoU) charts and Executed more than 500 directed prosecution matters. - Technology expertise: Networking domain particularly in wireless communication (802 IEEE standards, LTE/3GPP specifications).

    - Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, and pursuing a Law degree. - 08 Years of work experience. - Worked with leading Patent Brokerage firms on IP Sale/Monetizing projects, involving evaluation of patent portfolio to select key patents. - Technology expertise: Petrochemical, Specialty Chemicals, lightweight alloys used in Aircraft and Automobiles.

    - Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology Engineering. - 6 Years of work experience. - Conducted IP Licensing projects for Fortune 500 companies, involving market assessment studies. - Technology expertise: Wireless Communication, Business Methods, Semiconductors, Machine learning, Internet of Things, OCR and ICR technologies, RDBMS, Information Security.


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    About the team – Insights

    Almost 40 % of our Engineering staff holds post graduate degrees, including Master’s and PhDs.

    Almost 72 % of our technical staff have a technical Background in Computer Science, Information Technology and

    Electronics & Communication. We do have capabilities in other technical domains such as Biotechnology, Bio-Sciences

    Pharmaceuticals, Chemistry etc.

    Engineers 78%

    Support 9%

    Business Development


    Bachelor's 62%

    Master's 36%

    PhD's 2%

    Pharma and Biotechnology

    14% Chemical


    Computer Science


    Electronics & Communication


    Mechanical 7%

    Medicinal Chemistry


  • Effectual Services 5

    Technology Expertise


    Pharmaceuticals and Medicinal



    Food technologies

    Bio-medical Devices

    Electronics and Communication

    Computer Science and IT



    Petrochemicals, Oil & Natural gas, and

    Chemical technologies

    Metallurgical sciences



    Life sciences


    Pharmaceuticals and Medicinal

    Chemistry Food


    Bio-medical Devices

    Electronics and Communication

    Computer Science and IT


    Petrochemicals and Chemical technologies


  • Effectual Services 6

    Quality driven by Execution Experience

    Quick availability of trained team and

    Competitive Prices

    Flexible and diverse Engagement Models

    Quality Checks Skill Development

    • Focused trainings on EP/US patent laws and service offerings

    • Basic trainings on Patent Database tools, MS Excel etc.

    • Focused trainings are undertaken based on client feedback / requirements.

    • We encourage requestors to share specific training modules with the team members, as well as best practice examples and templates

    Engagement Models

    • We offer flexible engagement models tailored to suit the needs of organizations.

    QC is performed by the project manager



    The analyst checks the work done himself Self QC

    Analysts working on same projects check each other‘s results






    Lowest cost

    Dedicated Team

    On Demand

    Fixed Cost

    Need Based

  • Effectual Services 7

    • Infringement Searches

    • Prior Art searches

    • Claim Mapping, charts

    • Document / Source Code Review

    • Contentions Review

    • Identifying target companies

    • Evidence of Use, Claim charts

    • Licensing opportunities identification

    • IP Brokerage / sale support

    • IP Due Diligence, validity search

    • File History Analysis

    • Patent Landscape

    • SWOT analysis

    • Competitive Intelligence

    • Patent Portfolio Tracking

    • Technology watch and Newsletters

    • Patent valuation Studies

    • Patentability Searches

    • Patent Application Drafting

    • Patent filing – WIPO & India

    • Patent Proofreading

    • Office Action Response

    • Directed Prosecution

    • Freedom to Operate

    • Patent Illustrations

    Patent Prosecution


    Patent Analytics

    Patent Litigation Support

    Patent Licensing Support

    Bio-sequence searching Probe / primer sequences Therapeutic peptide sequences  Vector sequences Mutated gene/protein sequences Analogous sequences for identifying corresponding mutation locations miRNA / siRNA sequences

    Chemical structure searching Drugs

     Reaction buffer Detergents


    Rubber and plastics



    Native Language Search services:




    Other Specialized


    Service Spectrum – Patent Support


    with CUSTOMER

    in mind

  • Effectual Services 8

    IP Services: Distribution

    The protection of Intellectual Property (IP) has

    become an essential keystone, which

    evaluates an organization’s go-to-market

    strategy and business growth prospects.

    Our pack of services enables our clients to

    develop comprehensive IP protection and

    enforcement plans and realize full potential of

    their Intellectual Property assets. Ideation

    Technology landscape

    State-of-Art Analysis


    Prior Art Search

    Patentability Assessment

    Competitor IP Watch

    IP Protection

    Patent Drafting

    Office Action response


    Freedom to Operate

    Patent Valuation

    IP Landscape

    Due Diligence

    In/Cross/Out Licensing Studies


    Infringement and Invalidity Studies

    We provide a variety of Intellectual property Services at every stage during the lifecycle of a patent.

    Drafting and Prosecution



    Novelty/ Patentability



    Service Distribution

  • Effectual Services 9

    We have access to industry’s leading patent and non patent databases including – Thomson Innovation, Total Patent (from

    Lexis Nexis), Orbit (from Questel), IEEE,