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Patent Registration Services - Contact us for patent registration and intellectual property rights, market research company, electronic document management system, Legal Document Management

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  • Einfolge Technologies Pvt Ltd.Email:info@einfolge.comWeb :www.einfolge.comEinfolge - Now an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organization

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    04020503Patent Research ServicesPatent Analytics ServicesPatent Writing ServicesPatent Filing ServicesFreedom to Operate SearchEmail:info@einfolge.comWeb

  • Patent Research Services

    Our approach has been carefully shaped to take advantage of our unique combination of strategic insight, deep industry expertise and technology.Our Patent Research Services are: Patentability Search State-of-art Search Validation / Invalidation Study Infringement Study Freedom to Operate (FTO) Search Accelerated Examination SearchEmail:info@einfolge.comWeb

  • Patent Filing Services

    When you want to protect your invention in more countries, PCT is the ideal route to protect your inventions and patents. We at Einfolge perform both, PCT and National stage filing; working with us will reduce your additional cost and save 30-40% less expensive than your current expense. Einfolge PCT filing process includes translations to respective country languages, preparation and filing of PCT national stage. Within 30 months from the priority date, the application enters the National Phase.Email:info@einfolge.comWeb

  • Patent Writing Services

    Freedom to operate (FTO) searches, also known as Clearance Search or Right to Use Search identifies potential patent barriers to the commercialization of products or technologies.

    We identify published applications and unexpired patents (in a specific jurisdiction or worldwide) containing claims that could possibly indicate a risk of infringement by an inventive product or process of the client. The product/process features are mapped against the claim features of relevant patent references that are in-force in order to determine the degree of freedom to operate without infringing on existing patents.Email:info@einfolge.comWeb

  • Patent Analytics Services

    Our approach has been carefully shaped to take advantage of our unique combination of strategic insight, deep industry expertise and technology.Our Patent Analytics Services are:

    Patent Landscape Analysis Portfolio analysis Competitive Intelligence IP Watch Patent Valuation IP Asset Management IP AuditEmail:info@einfolge.comWeb

  • Freedom to Operate Search

    To protect the innovation a good draft as per the standard drafting guidelines specific to the patent issuing authority is required. We being the expert in the drafting provide patent writing services both for Utility and Design patent applications.

    The drafts we prepare includes provisional, non-provisional, PCT and Design draft applications as per the drafting guidelines and specification of patent offices in US, PCT, EU, UK, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Germany, France, China and India. We also draft office action responses for both non-final and final office actions during different stages of prosecution from all major patent offices.Email:info@einfolge.comWeb

  • THANKSUSA :+1-347-395-0310UK :+44-208-144-3155Email:info@einfolge.comWeb :www.einfolge.comGround Floor, Creator Building,International Tech ParkWhitefield, BangalorePin 560066ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company