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Transcript of HCL Patent Search & Analytical Solutions 13.06.2012 ¢  Non-patent literature search...

  • HCL Patent Search & Analytical Solutions Inventing, Patenting & Commercializing Made Easy

    In addition to millions of patent documents, new patents are being registered and published in diverse area of technology every other day

    across the globe. As the patent documents encompass technical, legal and business information, patent information is important for

    formulating IP & Business strategies, R&D planning, Product development and several other areas. Conducting patent search enables

    Identifying new applications /

    products & markets Reducing infringement risks Preventing redundant R&D

    Challenges ?Difficult search mechanism / Impenetrable information /

    Insufficient result visualization

    ?Identifying reassigned, reexamined, extended & expired patents

    ?Screen inventions & prioritize opportunities

    ?Out dated knowledge & access to patent laws

    ?Validating enforceability of patent claims

    ?Spotting new competitors & technological trends

    ?Meeting legal compliance

    ?Data protection

    HCL Solution ?Knowledge Management Systems (KMS) to track

    amendments in patent laws

    ?Comprehensive patent searches using latest databases & best retrieval tools

    ?In-house IT - technical infrastructure

    ?Comprehensive patent landscape / portfolio analysis

    ?Proprietary Matter Management Tool to track Patent Life Cycle

    ?ISO/IEC 27001: 2005 certified Corporate Information Security (CIS) system for data protection

    HCL Expertise ?Diverse team with multi-faceted skills

    ?Expertise in handling variety of patent & non-patent literature databases & searching tools

    ?PMP certified project leaders & ASQ certified Six Sigma Black Belts

    ?Proprietary Business Performance Management System (BPMS)

    ?Blend of experienced patent attorneys & diverse domain experts

  • Exploration Focus Navigation Inspection Evaluation Report

    HCL-Way of Working (Wow) The WoW Sequence - Cognitive Walkthrough Model

    Benefits ?100% patent invalidation proof

    ?Reduces expensive conflicts & litigations

    ?20% reduction in patent filing process cycle time

    ?30% savings in patent filing cost

    ?Assured security & confidentiality of IP disclosures

    Electricals & Electronics

    Telecommunications Life sciences

    Agricultural sciences Chemistry Personal care

    Service Industries

    Mechanical Engineering

    Pharmaceuticals Medical devices


    ?Patent landscaping

    ?Patent portfolio analysis

    ?Patent claim mapping / charting

    ?Markush claims interpretation

    ?Competitive intelligence

    ?Citation analysis

    ?Technology landscaping

    ?Patent / technology watch

    Patent Search Services


    ?Patentability / Novelty




    ?Chemical structure search

    ?Markush structure search

    ?Non-patent literature search


    Patent scope USPTO

    Thomson Innovation

    Patent Databases Patent

    Analytics Services

    Pubmed IEEE Xplore


    Hello, I’m from HCL! We work behind the scenes, helping our customers to shift paradigms and start revolutions. We use digital engineering to build superhuman capabilities. We make sure that the rate of progress far exceeds the price. And right now, 90,000 of us bright sparks are busy developing solutions for 500 customers in 31 countries across the world. How can I help you?

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