Patent research services - Einfolge Technologies

Patent research services - Einfolge Technologies
Patent research services - Einfolge Technologies
Patent research services - Einfolge Technologies
Patent research services - Einfolge Technologies
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Our patent research and analysis team provides patent search services that includes patentability search, state-of-art search, freedom to operate (FTO) search and more.

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Patent & IPR Solutions - Einfolge

Patent Research ServicesOur approach has been carefully shaped to take advantage of our unique combination of strategic insight, deep industry expertise and technology.Our Patent Research Services are: Patentability Search State-of-art Search Validation / Invalidation Study Infringement Study Freedom to Operate (FTO) Search Accelerated Examination Search

Non Provisional Patent Our drafting team equipped with good drafting ability and technical understanding draft your idea into a patent application based on appropriate guidelines for adequate scope of protection.To protect the innovation a good draft as per the standard drafting guidelines specific to the patent issuing authority is required. We being the expert in the drafting provide patent writing services both for Utility and Design patent applications.The drafts we prepare includes provisional, non-provisional, PCT and Design draft applications as per the drafting guidelines and specification of patent offices in US, PCT, EU, UK, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Germany, France, China and India. We also draft office action responses for both non-final and final office actions during different stages of prosecution from all major patent offices.

Patent DrawingsOur approach has been carefully shaped to take advantage of our unique combination of strategic insight, deep industry expertise and technology.Drawings are integral part of the patent documents. We provide both Utility and Design patent drawings as per the standard requirements of all major Patent offices. Our drawings are formally created using latest software and computer equipment by skilled illustrators.We translate our clients inventive and artistic concepts on to paper and help them in filing for IP protection with patent issuing authorities.

Accelerated Examination SearchWe provide pre-examination searches as per the guidelines of the USPTOs Accelerated Examination Program. An Accelerated Examination requires the applicant to submit a pre-examination search document (PESD) and an accelerated examination support document (AESD) to illustrate how the claims of an application are allowable over known related art.We search in all the prescribed resources and our report comprises all search related information in accordance with USPTO requirements, and organize our deliverable for easy review and ensures fast and affirmative response from the patent examiner prosecuting your application.This search helps in significantly reducing the total cost and time frame for obtaining a patent. The accelerated examination search also proved to be useful for technologies with short lifetime, rapidly growing portfolios and to get coverage in a new technology in time to establish a position.

Patent Licensing SupportOur Patent licensing support team comprises a mix of well experienced Licensing specialists, patent analysts and business managers collaborating together to provide comprehensive licensing support services for clients.We draft the exclusive and non-exclusive patent licenses for various jurisdictions.We also provide comprehensive technical support customized to your business goals, including Identifying prospective licensee products that are potentially infringing your patents. Identifying active patents for in-licensing. Identifying patents core/non-core to a companys future strategies. Categorization and rating of patents within a portfolio based on various technological and commercial criteria. In/out licensing research support. Profiling of companies and products to identify licensing targets. Establish financial and market based positions of the companies and their products. Preparing claim-product maps. We also develop the appropriate responses and guide the clients strategy through the negotiation process to defend against the patent assertion.

Design Patent ServicesTo protect the novel ornamental look of an article of manufacture, Design protection is required. It is granted for protecting only the design of the invention and not the utilitarian features of the invention. We have extensive experience with preparation, filing, and prosecution of design applications. We discuss the important aspects of your design and develop a thoughtful strategy that will help you maximize the potential of your design patent.We assist our clients in obtaining protection for their designs either by filing for obtaining a patent or registering the said design. Our services include: Procurement of design protection Due diligence relating to Design rights Infringements and Enforcement actions relating to Design rights Investigation & Watch Services Licensing of Design Rights Design searches Design Patent filings & prosecution

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