Windows Adobe InDesign CC Keyboard Shortcuts .Adobe InDesign CC Keyboard Shortcuts ... Rectangle

Windows Adobe InDesign CC Keyboard Shortcuts .Adobe InDesign CC Keyboard Shortcuts ... Rectangle
download Windows Adobe InDesign CC Keyboard Shortcuts .Adobe InDesign CC Keyboard Shortcuts ... Rectangle

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Transcript of Windows Adobe InDesign CC Keyboard Shortcuts .Adobe InDesign CC Keyboard Shortcuts ... Rectangle

  • Adobe InDesign CC

    Keyboard Shortcuts


    The worlds #1 resource for all things InDesign

    New Document Ctrl+NNew default document Ctrl+Alt+NOpen Ctrl+OClose Ctrl+WClose all open documents Ctrl+Shift+Alt+WSave Ctrl+SSave all open documents Ctrl+Shift+Alt+SSave As Ctrl+Shift+SSave a Copy Ctrl+Alt+SDocument Setup Ctrl+Alt+PExport Ctrl+EFile Info Ctrl+Shift+Alt+IPackage Ctrl+Shift+Alt+PPrint Ctrl+PGeneral Preferences Ctrl+KRebuild Preferences (press during program launch until Alert appears)


    Document History & Plug-in Info Ctrl+About InDesign

    Add New Page Ctrl+Shift+PPlace Text or Pictures Ctrl+DBrowse (Open Bridge) Ctrl+Alt+OCopy Ctrl+CCut Ctrl+XPaste Ctrl+VPaste in Place Ctrl+Shift+Alt+VPaste Into Ctrl+Alt+VPaste without Formatting Ctrl+Shift+VSelect All Ctrl+ADeselect All Ctrl+Shift+ADuplicate Ctrl+Shift+Alt+DDuplicate manually Alt+ dragStep and Repeat Ctrl+Alt+UUndo Ctrl+ZRedo Ctrl+Shift+ZOverride Master Page item Ctrl+Shift+ clickOverride All Master Page Items Ctrl+Shift+Alt+LToggle Measurement System Ctrl+Shift+Alt+U

    Selection Tool VDirect Selection Tool ATemporary Selection Tool (press) CtrlPage Tool Shift+PGap Tool UToggle Content Collector and Content Placer


    Pen Tool PType Tool TType on a Path Tool Shift+TPencil Tool NLine Tool \Rectangle Frame Tool FRectangle Tool MEllipse Tool LScissors Tool CRotate Tool RShear Tool OScale Tool SGradient Swatch Tool GGradient Feather Tool Shift+GFree Transform Tool EEyedropper Tool IMeasure Tool KHand Tool HTemporary Hand Tool (press) Alt+SpacebarZoom Tool ZTemporary Zoom Tool (press) Ctrl+SpacebarApply default fill and stroke colors DSwap fill and stroke activation XSwap fill and stroke colors Shift+XToggle color affects text/its frame JApply color swatch ,Apply gradient swatch .Apply None swatch / or Num /Preview mode on/off WPresentation Mode Shift+W

    Edit Original Alt+doubleclickDecrease size / scale by 1% 5% Ctrl+, Ctrl+Alt+,Increase size / scale by 1% 5% Ctrl+. Ctrl+Alt+.Nudge Arrow keysNudge by 1/10 Ctrl+Shift+ArrowsNudge by 10 Shift+Arrow KeysToggle Live Edit Mode 4

    Arrange: Send Backward/Forward Ctrl+[ or ]Arrange: Send to Back/Front Ctrl+Shift+[ or ]Select Next Object Below Ctrl+click, Ctrl+Alt+[Select Last Object Below Ctrl+Alt+click,

    Ctrl+Shift+Alt+[Select Container, Content esc, Shift+escTransform Sequence Again Ctrl+Alt+4Transform: Move Item Ctrl+Shift+MGroup, Ungroup Ctrl+G, Ctrl+Shift+GLock Ctrl+LUnlock All On Spread Ctrl+Alt+LHide Ctrl+3Show All On Spread Ctrl+Alt+3Text Frame Options Ctrl+BFitting: Center Content Ctrl+Shift+EFitting: Fill Frame Proportionally Ctrl+Shift+Alt+CFitting: Fit Content Proportionally Ctrl+Shift+Alt+EFitting: Fit Content to Frame Ctrl+Alt+EFitting: Fit Frame to Content Ctrl+Alt+CDrop Shadow Effect Ctrl+Alt+MClipping Path Ctrl+Shift+Alt+KMake Compound Path Ctrl+8Release Compound Path Ctrl+Shift+Alt+8

    Quick Apply Ctrl+EnterRedefine Character Style Ctrl+Shift+Alt+CRedefine Paragraph Style Ctrl+Shift+Alt+RClear local formatting overrides Alt+click on styleClear local & Char. Style overrides Shift+Alt+click on styleAutoflow text (with loaded cursor) Shift+click on pageSemi-autoflow (with loaded cursor) Alt+click on pageEdit in Story Editor Ctrl+YCheck Spelling Ctrl+ IFind/Change, Find Next Ctrl+F, Ctrl+Alt+FLoad Find and Find Next instance Shift+F1Load Find with selected text Ctrl+F1Load Replace with selected text Ctrl+F2Replace with Change To text Ctrl+F3Replace with Change To text and Find Next Shift+F3Recompose all stories Ctrl+Alt+/Toggle Typographers Quotes Pref. Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Update missing font list Ctrl+Shift+Alt+/Create Outlines Ctrl+Shift+OCreate outlines (text remains) Ctrl+Shift+Alt+OTrack Changes: Next Change Ctrl+Page DownTrack Changes: Previous Change Ctrl+Page Up

    Align center Ctrl+Shift+CAlign force justify Ctrl+Shift+FAlign justify Ctrl+Shift+JAlign left Ctrl+Shift+LAlign right Ctrl+Shift+RAlign to baseline grid Ctrl+Shift+Alt+GAuto-hyphenate on/off Ctrl+Shift+Alt+HDrop Caps and Nested Styles Ctrl+Alt+RJustification Ctrl+Shift+Alt+JKeep Options Ctrl+Alt+KParagraph Rules Ctrl+Alt+J

    Bold Ctrl+Shift+BItalic Ctrl+Shift+IAuto leading Ctrl+Shift+Alt+AAll Caps Ctrl+Shift+KSmall Caps Ctrl+Shift+HStrikethrough Ctrl+Shift+/Subscript Ctrl+Shift+Alt+=Superscript Ctrl+Shift+=Underline Ctrl+Shift+UIncrease/Decrease Baseline shift Alt+Shift+Up/Down Arr.Increase/Decrease Baseline shift 5 Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Up/DownIncrease/Decrease Kerning/Tracking Alt+Right/Left ArrowIncrease/Decrease Kerning/Tracking 5 Ctrl+Alt+Right/Left ArrowIncrease/Decrease Leading Alt+Down/Up ArrowIncrease/Decrease Leading 5 Ctrl+Alt+Down/Up ArrowIncrease/Decrease Text point size Ctrl+Shift+. or ,Increase/Decrease Text point size 5 Ctrl+Shift+Alt+. or ,Increase/Decrease Word space Ctrl+Alt+\ or BackspaceIncrease/Decrease Word space 5 Ctrl+Shift+Alt+\ or BckspcReset font style (to Regular) Ctrl+Shift+YReset kerning and tracking to 0 Ctrl+Alt+QReset horizontal text scale to 100% Ctrl+Shift+XReset vertical text scale to 100% Ctrl+Shift+Alt+X

    Move to the start of the line HomeMove to the end of the line EndMove to beginning of story Ctrl+HomeMove to end of story Ctrl+EndMove to the left one word Ctrl+Left ArrowMove to the right one word Ctrl+Right ArrowMove to the next paragraph Ctrl+Down ArrowMove to the previous paragraph Ctrl+Up ArrowGo to first frame in thread Ctrl+Shift+Alt+

    Page UpGo to last frame in thread Ctrl+Shift+Alt+

    Page DownGo to next frame in thread Ctrl+Alt+Page DownGo to previous frame in thread Ctrl+Alt+Page UpSelect current line Ctrl+Shift+\Select to one character Shift+Left/Right ArrowSelect to one word Ctrl+Shift+

    Left/Right ArrowSelect to one line Shift+Up/Down ArrowSelect to one paragraph Ctrl+Shift+

    Up/Down ArrowSelect to the start of the line Shift+HomeSelect to the end of the line Shift+EndSelect to beginning of story Ctrl+Shift+HomeSelect to end of story Ctrl+Shift+EndSelect all text in story Ctrl+ADeselect any text selection Ctrl+Shift+A

    Insert Table Ctrl+Shift+Alt+TInsert Column Ctrl+Alt+9Insert Row Ctrl+9Delete Column Shift+BackspaceDelete Row Ctrl+BackspaceTable Options Ctrl+Shift+Alt+BCell Options Ctrl+Alt+BMove to

    Next Cell TabPrevious Cell Shift+TabFirst Cell in Column Alt+Page UpFirst Cell in Row Alt+HomeFirst Row in Frame Page UpLast Cell in Column Alt+Page DownLast Cell in Row Alt+EndLast Row in Frame Page Down

    SelectCell Ctrl+/Column Ctrl+Alt+3Row Ctrl+3Table Ctrl+Alt+ACells Above Shift+Up ArrowCells Below Shift+Down ArrowCells to the Left Shift+Left ArrowCells to the Right Shift+Right Arrow

    Start Row in Next Column Num EnterStart Row in Next Frame Shift+ Num EnterToggle Cell/Text Selection Escape

    Show/Hide Hidden Characters Ctrl+Alt+IInsert Break Character

    Forced Line Break Shift+EnterColumn Break Num EnterFrame Break Shift+ Num EnterPage Break Ctrl+ Num Enter

    Insert Special CharacterBullet Alt+8Copyright Symbol Alt+GRegistration Symbol Alt+REm Dash Alt+Shift+ En Dash Alt+ Ellipsis Alt+ ;Auto Page Number Ctrl+Shift+Alt+NDiscretionary Hyphen Ctrl+Shift+Nonbreaking Hyphen Ctrl+Alt+Straight Single Quote Alt+ Straight Double Quote Shift+Alt+Indent to Here Ctrl+\Right Indent Tab Shift+Tab

    Insert White SpaceEm Space Ctrl+Shift+MEn Space Ctrl+Shift+NNonbreaking Space Ctrl+Alt+XThin Space Ctrl+Shift+Alt+M

    New index page reference Ctrl+7Add new index entry Ctrl+Shift+Alt+[

    Zoom In Ctrl+= or Ctrl+Num+

    Zoom Out Ctrl+ or Ctrl+NumFit Selection in Window Ctrl+Alt+=Fit Page in Window Ctrl+0Fit Spread in Window Ctrl+Alt+0Fit Entire Pasteboard in Window Ctrl+Shift+Alt+0View Scale 50%, 100%, 200%, 400% Ctrl+5, Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, Ctrl+4Toggle current/previous view scale Ctrl+Alt+2Overprint Preview Ctrl+Shift+Alt+YForce screen redraw Shift+F5Fast Display Ctrl+Shift+Alt+ZHigh Quality Display Ctrl+Alt+HTypical Display Ctrl+Alt+ZClear Object-Level Settings Ctrl+Shift+F2Show/Hide Frame Edges Ctrl+HShow/Hide Text Frame Threads Ctrl+Alt+YShow/Hide Rulers Ctrl+RShow/Hide XML Structure Panel Ctrl+Alt+1Presentation Background: Black BPresentation Background: Gray GPresentation Background: White WShow/Hide Conveyor Alt+B

    Show/Hide Guides Ctrl+;Show/Hide Smart Guides Ctrl+UShow/Hide Baseline Grid Ctrl+Alt+Show/Hide Document Grid Ctrl+Select all Guides Ctrl+Alt+GLock Guides Ctrl+Alt+ ;Snap to Guides Ctrl+Shift+ ;Snap to Document Grid Ctrl+Shift+

    Go to Page Ctrl+JNext window Ctrl+Tab, Ctrl+ ` Previous window Ctrl+Shift+Tab,

    Ctrl+Shift+`Scroll down one screen Page DownScroll up one screen Page UpFirst Page Ctrl+Shift+Page UpLast Page Ctrl+Shift+Page DownNext Page Shift+Page DownPrevious Page Shift+Page UpFirst Spread HomeLast Spread EndNext Spread Alt+Page DownPrevious Spread Alt+Page UpGo Back Ctrl+Page UpGo Forward Ctrl+Page Down

    Align Shift+F7Character Ctrl+TCharacter Styles Shift+F11Color F6Control Ctrl+Alt+6Effects Ctrl+Shift+F10Glyphs Alt+Shift+ F11Index Shift+F8Info F8Layers F7Links Ctrl+Shift+DObject Styles Ctrl+F7Pages F12Paragraph Styles F11Paragraph Ctrl+Alt+T, Ctrl+MPreflight Ctrl+Shift+Alt+FPreview Ctrl+Shift+ EnterSeparations Preview Shift+F6Stroke F10Swatches F5Table Shift+F9Tabs Ctrl+Shift+TText Wrap Ctrl+Alt+W

    Show/Hide all panels TabShow/Hide all panels except Tools and Control


    Open/Close all docked panels Ctrl+Alt+TabActivate last-used field in panel Ctrl+Alt+`Jump to Control Panel Ctrl+6Switch Character and Paragraph Modes in Control Panel


    For even more shortcuts, visit Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts

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