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Transcript of Wikis, blogs, and web publishing

Wikis, Blogs, and Web Publishing

Wikis, Blogs, and Web PublishingBy: kate gallagher

ToolsKahootBlogsWikiRSS Reader-Net Vibe

Most Useful ToolEasiest tool to navigate.Simple for students to use.Fun for a whole class review.I will definitely be using Kahoot OFTEN!


Creating a Blog- It was much easier than I thought and will be a great tool to post assignments while engaging in discussions with my students.

Creating and utilizing Kahoot- Super simple to navigate and create. A great way to get students involved in a fun review game in a whole group setting.


Netvibes, the RSS Reader, was my biggest challenge. I had a very hard time navigating the tool. I could not seem to figure out how to customize it easily. It took me hours to figure out all the features. I also had a hard time finding sites with the RSS symbol to add it to my reader. After figuring it out, it does seem to be a useful tool. It just took me quite some time to figure it out.

You can have access to the course material 24/7.You have instant access to your instructor and classmates.Easy to take courses for full time working adults.I learned many new tools to utilize with my students and to make learning more fun and engaging.MOODLE and Online Learning

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