Why would you want to visit Venice, Rome, and Paris?

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Why would you want to visit Venice, Rome, and Paris?. In other words what is so great about them?. Project Goals. Question: Why would you want to visit these cities? Lt 1: I can explain how these three cities’ cultures vary. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Why would you want to visit Venice, Rome, and Paris?

Why would you want to visit Venice, Rome, and Paris?

In other words what is so great about them?Why would you want to visit Venice, Rome, and Paris?Project GoalsQuestion: Why would you want to visit these cities?Lt 1: I can explain how these three cities cultures vary.Lt 2: I can explain tourist attractions, food, and culture about each city.Lt 3: I will be able to compare how these cities are alike and different.VeniceVenice, the city built on water was founded by man in 421 A.D. Venice is located on the Northeastern part of Italy.It has many tourist attractions including the Grand Canal, The Campanile, and the Rialto Bridge.They live differently then us where they get small homes for very expensive prices.A lot of the food that we eat comes from them including pizza and pasta.

RomeRome is believed to be founded in 753 B.C.Rome was the heart of the Roman Empire and the home of Julius Caeser and more.They also have many tourist attractions including the Roman Colloseum, St Peters Basilica, and the Forum.They eat common foods as Venice but are different from our foods.

ParisThe first settlement in Paris was in 250 B.C.Paris includes many tourist attractions including the Eiffel Tower, the Arch de Triomphe, and The Louvre.Small one room flats can be very expensive to live in.They have many different foods from us such as escargot (snails), souffls, crepes, and much more.

The Grand Canal - VeniceThe Grand Canal and other series of canal systems make up the streets of Venice. The only way to cross the street is take the Vaparetto or the water taxi.The Grand canal is always very crowded with boats, vaparettos, and gondola's.One of the most famous things to do in Venice is take a gondola ride in the canals and the Grand Canal.What you do is get in a long, thin boat and slowly cruise through the canals smoothly as your driver guides you through town.

Campanile - VeniceThe Campanile is the bell tower located in San Marcos Square or Saint Marks Square the hub of Venice.You can go to the top of the Campanile and you can see all of Venice.It was first built in the 7th century believed to be used for a lighthouse. St. Peters Basilica- RomeSt. Peters is the largest church in the world.It isnt actually in Rome, it lies in the Vatican City, the smallest country in the world. (The Vatican is just outside of Rome)St. Peters is the home to the Pope.

Roman Collosseum- RomeThe Roman Collosseum was built in the year 80 A.D.It was used as an arena where gladiators would fight other gladiators or animals.It was stopped being used for fighting in 523 A.D.Now it is a huge tourist attraction and cats take it in as a home.

The Louvre- ParisThe Louvre a very big art museum in Paris.It is known to have many famous paintings and sculptures in it such as the Mona Lisa.It used to be a royal palace and started to be used as a museum in the 18th century.

Citation- Louvre. aviewoncities.com. A view on cities, 2012. Web. Feb. 28, 2012.Eiffel Tower- FranceThe Eiffel Tower was built in 1889 and was made for the 1889 Worlds Fair.It is one of the most visited monuments in the world and is the tallest building in Paris. On some very windy days the top of the tower sways with the wind.

Food- VeniceVenice eats traditional Italian food.Common foods they eat on a daily basis include pasta, pizza, wine, antipasto, and for dessert gelato. A lot of the food we eat comes from Italy like pizza and pasta. In Venice and other parts of Italy the polite thing to do is to sit down in eat instead of having fast food or drinking drinks on the go. They always sit down and drink their coffee and eat their meals.

Food- RomeRome and Venice eat a lot of the same things since they are both in the same country. They also enjoy eating bread. A typical meal for them is fresh vegetables, cheap meat, and maybe some pasta.Their main dessert is cannoli which is a pastry wrap filled with ricotta cheese and usually pistachios. (But cannoli originated in Sicily an island of Italy.)Food- ParisFrench food is very different then Italian food.For breakfast the French usually have fresh baguette and usually yogurt on the side. If they have a fancy breakfast they will eat crepes or a souflee.More popular dishes in France are escargot (snails), and baked goods.

FoodsWe get a lot of the kinds of foods we eat from Paris, Rome, and Venice.They arent very similar but all cities eat a lot of homemade dishes very often.

Language/ Styles- Rome and VeniceEnglish- Almost all of the people in Italy wear slacks or pants during most of the year. They dress very fancy compared to us and they wear polos and dresses most of the time. The woman wear a lot of fancy shoes like us though.Italian- Quasi tutte le persone in Italia indossare pantaloni o pantaloni durante la maggior parte dell'anno. Si vestono molto "fancy" rispetto a noi e che indossano polo e abiti maggior parte del tempo. La donna indossa un sacco di scarpe eleganti come noi per.

Language/ Style- ParisEnglish- It is colder in Paris then it is in most parts of the U.S. so most people wear sweatshirts and pants even in the summer. Most Parisians wear normal clothing like us though. French- Il fait plus froid Paris, il est dans la plupart des rgions des tats-Unis la plupart des gens portent des sweats et pantalons mme en t. Porter des vtements normaux plupart parisien comme nous si.

So why would you want to visit these places?You saw about the tourist attractions, and the food, and their language, and styles. But why do so many people go to visit these cities?Well many people come to see the tourist attractions, or to come try the food, and just come to see how they are different from us and how their lives are not the same as ours.