Why do I need SEO?

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    Why do I need seo?By Paul Morris Owner, Superb Digital

    Search engine optimisation | Web design

  • ContentsWhy do you have a website? SEO is an investment SEO can increase your reach SEO compliments and integrates SEO builds credibility and brand SEO is targeted marketing SEO is measurable SEO can feedback Now what?

  • Why do you have a website?

    Get in touch?

    Sell online?

    Build credibility?

    Help existing customers?

  • SEo is an investment not a costLarge return for modest spend

    Benefits are long lasting

    Maximise sales funnel input

    Ensure website is working as hard as possible

  • SEO can increase your reach

    Local, national and global marketplace

    Small retailer can access international audience

    No longer need physical premises

  • SEO compliments and integratesCombined with other forms of marketing

    Social Coupon/flyer PR

    Ensures consistency between channels

    Provides evidence of triggers to action

  • SEO builds credibility and brandMake your brand synonymous with certain keywords

    Increase yours and your websites authority

    Be where your customers are when they need you

  • SEO is targeted marketing

    Size of the market?

    How competitive?

    Focus on converting keywords

    Deliver a targeted message

  • SEO is measurable

    Insightful campaign feedback

    Make campaign corrections

    Continual feedback loop

  • SEO can feedback

    Highlight unexploited opportunties

    Streamline sales and marketing process

    Avoid low revenue and high competition segments

  • Now what?

    Speak to an SEO consultant

    Create a forecast

    Get searching!

  • Paul Morris Owner, Superb Digital

    https://twitter.com/SuperbDigital https://www.facebook.com/superbdigital


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