Warm Up Hand in NA in 1783 Map to be checked Grab a peer edit worksheet from table. Have out CT...

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download Warm Up Hand in NA in 1783 Map to be checked Grab a peer edit worksheet from table. Have out CT Northwest Territory with peer edit list on table

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Not The First Meeting The Annapolis Convention –Lack of ability to regulate commerce –States taxing each other unfairly

Transcript of Warm Up Hand in NA in 1783 Map to be checked Grab a peer edit worksheet from table. Have out CT...

Warm Up Hand in NA in 1783 Map to be checked Grab a peer edit worksheet from table. Have out CT Northwest Territory with peer edit list on table The Constitutional Convention Not The First Meeting The Annapolis Convention Lack of ability to regulate commerce States taxing each other unfairly Why was the Convention held? Revision of the Articles of Confederation What were some of the issues that needed to be considered at the Convention? The Delegates 55 Delegates 31 College Degrees / 31 Lawyers 45 Congressmen 30 Served in War Avg Age 43. Oldest 81 Youngest slaveholders Who Came? George Washington Ben Franklin James Madison Edmund Randolph George Mason Alexander Hamilton Roger Sherman James Wilson Charles Cotesworth Pinckney John Dickinson William Patterson How was the Convention to run? Unanimously George Washington the Presiding officer 1 State 1 Vote Majority Wins No meetings unless 7/13 quorum Closed Doors Why closed doors? Activity Create a Flyer Advertising the Constitutional Convention Include Purpose of Convention, Attendees, and importance Include the 5 Ws! A flyer could be a mind map! Warm Up Hand in CT NW Territory onto front table. Prepare for Notes Veterans Day Originally designed to celebrate WW 1 veterans from Armistice Day Following WW 2 after biggest mobilization in American History in 1954 to celebrate all veteranssday/vetdayhistory.aspsday/vetdayhistory.asp Legal Holiday If you have a veteran in your family, engage them on the topic of their service, see how they are, thank them for their service American History is full of the sacrifice of its citizens for the cause of Liberty and freedom. Memorial Day is a day of remembrance of fallen servicemen and women. Outcome of the Convention? The Constitution 7 Article Document Each Article deals with different branch and its powers, or general powers of the Constitution We will study Constitution Article by Article with both History of, and powers of each article The Constitutional Convention Getting to Work! Revise or Restart? Revise the Articles Restart with New Document Edmund Randolph Speaks Moves for a new document Strong National Government The Legislative Branch Focus of early debates The Virginia Plan Authored by James Madison From VA What do we know about Virginia? The Virginia Plan (Throw em out!) 2 house legislature Proportional Representation in Lower Lower Elected by People Upper Elected by Lower Chief Executive Court System New Jersey Plan (Revise em) Proposed by William Patterson From NJ What do we know about NJ? New Jersey Plan 1 House Legislature 1 vote 1 state Congress elects weak Executive branch of more than 1 person The Great Compromise! Roger Sherman proposes CT The Great Compromise 2 House Legislature Lower based upon Population Upper 2 per state One Debate Among Many Great Compromise solved issue of Legislative Branch Many future debates on the structure of government to come Govt Plan Worksheet Constitution Trip Reminders Itinerary After 1 st Report to Cafeteria Bring something to write with and food $$ (10-12) Bus to Museum Backpacks fine, but will get checked Constitution Center Itinerary Arrive at Center 10:30 Freedom Rising Multimedia Presentation 11:30 Meet Out front of Constitution Center Walk to Boorse 12:40 Meet busses back at Constitution Center Leave Center for GVMSExpectations If not going Follow normal schedule, report to any classroom where told to. Bring work. Check it Out!onstitution.htmlonstitution.html Activity Draw a Venn Diagram On the Left circle label VA Plan On the right circle label NJ Plan What would fill in the middle? Fill in Venn Diagram using notes, text, and knowledge Warm Up Please Hand in Constitution Center Activity onto front Hand in Constitutional Convention Poster in separate pile Prepare for Notes Warm Up Prepare for Discussion and Notes This would include looking over recent discussion topics A New Debate Arises The Legislative Branch Issue If lower house is by population who counts as population? The Constitutional Convention Representation and Slavery North v. South Who counted for representation? North Slaves do not count, property South Slaves should count Slavery in the South Brutal system of forced labor Operates on system of violence The Abolitionist Movement Abolitionist Movement Manumission 1780 PA Act for Gradual Emancipation Issue: Slavery in the South Many Northern States wanted to ban slavery South demanded slavery continue Would not discuss slave trade for 20 years Representation Solved 3/5 Compromise Slaves would count as 3/5 a person Creates the Slave Power in Congress Unfair representation for the Southern States Math Time! If VA has a white population of 300,000 and a slave population of 200,000 while PA has a population of 430,000, which state has a larger population? If SC has a white population of 350,000 and a slave population of 400,000 while New York has a population of 550,000 which has a larger population? The Slave Power Wielded by the South for the next 80 years Used to control Congress and the Presidency Also used to make sure slavery was protected and worked to ensure expansion of slavery Constitution Unit Vocab Activity