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come help us celebrate the success of the VIP


<ul><li><p>Come help us celebrate the success of the</p><p>Thursday, June 14thDinner - 5:30</p><p>Cultural Recreation Center</p><p> Guest Speaker Jim Carroll</p><p> to follow dinner </p><p> EXPLORING A NEW FRONTIER </p><p>How can our communities and organizations continue to be innovative in a world of fast moving change? As we endeavor to build and maintain vibrant communities </p><p>within limited budgets, what can we do to be successful in the future? In small communities with limited resources, how can we keep up with technology and be </p><p>innovative? Jim Carroll, acknowledged as one of the worlds leading global futurists, trends and innovation experts with a massive global blue chip client list, will be in </p><p>attendance to speak to these issues.</p><p>Tickets - $20.00/personavailable at the</p><p>VBDS office - 110 1Ave. S. Vulcan403-485-4100</p><p>The Vulcan Innovation Project: Sustaining Rural Development Through Technology, has increased the knowledge of businesses and organizations in the positive use of technology, provided resources to </p><p>research the potential of an energy from waste facility in Southern Alberta, developed the use of digital media in our community and supported the delivery of post secondary courses </p><p>to the community.</p></li></ul>