Version 6.4 New Features By Olatz Iturbe

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Version 6.4 New Features By Olatz Iturbe

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Version 6.4 New Features By Olatz Iturbe. Prodiver. - Menu and Toolbar Changes - Save quickview sets and graph templates -Save Excel and PDF icon - Graph Changes -Gantt Charts - Report Changes - Keyboards shortcut for bottom of page - Quickview Changes - Quickview dialogs redesigned - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Version 6.4 New Features By Olatz Iturbe

  • Version 6.4 New Features

    By Olatz Iturbe

  • Prodiver-Menu and Toolbar Changes-Save quickview sets and graph templates-Save Excel and PDF icon-Graph Changes-Gantt Charts-Report Changes-Keyboards shortcut for bottom of page-Quickview Changes-Quickview dialogs redesigned-QV Population order options-QV Load Value options-List QV added-Free Entry QV-Blank QV

  • Prodiver Menu and Toolbar changesSave Quickview Sets

  • Prodiver Menu and Toolbar changesSave to Excel and PDF Icon

  • Prodiver Graph ChangesGannt Chart

  • Prodiver Report Changes

    Paging to the End of a ReportUse Ctrl-End to automatically page to the end of a Report or Report Palette.

  • Prodiver Quickview ChangesQuickview dialogs redesigned

  • Prodiver Quickview ChangesPopulation Order

  • Prodiver Quickview ChangesLoad Value

  • Prodiver Quickview ChangesList Quickview

  • Prodiver Quickview ChangesFree Entry Value

  • Diveport-General Improvements for the Administrator-Page Editing Improved-Printing Changes-User Interface enhanced -Image Portlet Changes-Document storage and organisation improved-Image Portlet Edit dialog Improved-Hotspots added-Measures Portlet Changes-Change Dimension Option added-Stacked Columns added-Even row colour added-PDF and Excel Click action added-Marker Portlet Changes-Change Dimension option added-page Selector placement option added-Quickview Portlet Changes-Desktop mobile preview added-Slope Indicator added-Bookmarks added-Custom macros added-New Portlet Types-Table of Contents-Lookup Manager Portlet-Document Display Portlet

  • DiveportGeneral Improvements for AdministratorPage Editing Improved

    -Type of portlet information

    -Right or double click ot Edit Portlet

    -Click on the background to add new portlets

    -New Portlets are size appropiate

    - The us of Ctr+C, Ctr+V, Ctr+X and Ctr+A to copy and paste portlets

    -Select multiple portlets and right click to display menu-Etc.

  • DiveportPrinting

  • DiveportUser Interface Changes

    -List Dialogs now have menus on the left

    -Clearer indication that Paste was successful

    -Temporarily hide a Portlet

    -Placement of new Portlets in manual layouts

    -Sizing of new Portlets on a Page

    -Temporarily Hide Title and Logo Bar

  • DiveportUser Interface Changes

    -Choose between XLS and XLSX output -Download Graphics to Excel -Changes to the Page Setting edit dialog -Change to Page load dynamics

    -Diveline Server displayed in Portal Settings dialog

    -Control Placement of Page Selector

    -Launch Prodiver or NetDiver directly from Edit dialogs

  • DiveportImage Portlet ChangesDocument Storage and Organisation improved

    DI_Solution/webdata//doc-libraries/Portal Media

    $(PORTAL_MEDIA_URI) -When you upload the image you can save it to the default library

    -If you use the same file in multiple locations, you can change the single file to make multiple changes

  • DiveportImage Portlet ChangesImage Portlet edit dialog changed

  • DiveportImage Portlet ChangesHotspots added where mouse hover presents text

  • DiveportImage Portlet ChangesHotspots added where mouse hover presents text

  • DiveportImage Portlet ChangesHotspots added where mouse hover presents text

  • DiveportMeasures Portlet ChangesChange Dimension option added

  • DiveportMeasures Portlet ChangesStacked Columns added

  • DiveportMeasure Portlet ChangesEven Row Colour added

  • DiveportMeasure Portlet ChangesPDF and Excel Click Actions added

  • DiveportMarker Portlet ChangesChange Dimension option added

  • DiveportMarker Portlet ChangesPage Selector placement option added

  • DiveportMarker Portlet ChangesScrollbars, fixed header added

  • DiveportQuickview Portlet ChangesFree Entry Quickview

  • DiveportDesktop mobile preview

  • DiveportSlope Indicator

  • DiveportBookmarks

  • DiveportCustom Macros

  • DiveportNew Portlet Types

    Table of Contents Portlet

  • DiveportNew Portlet Types

    Lookup Manager Portlet