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Washington Connection Benefit Portal. Useful Tips. How to quickly verify if you are logged on or not Get the full navigation menu window for e-application What is a time-out and how to minimize Use of the “Next” and “Back” buttons Take notes when receiving Error messages - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Useful TipsHow to quickly verify if you are logged on or notGet the full navigation menu window for e-applicationWhat is a time-out and how to minimizeUse of the Next and Back buttonsTake notes when receiving Error messagesSign up for Washington Connection listservUsing the Client Search function

Washington Connection Benefit PortalContact Information:; Website: 1How to quickly verify if you are logged on or notTo see a really quick easy way to verify if the site thinks you are logged into your account, select the Save and Finish Later button at the bottom of the page for Applications and Renewals.

At this time, there is no save functionality for Reporting a Change. Those must be successfully completed/submitted in order to show up on the Summary page.


Once you select the save button, if this page displays, then the site does not think you are logged in.

By selecting the Login button, you can log into your account.

At that time, the online form you were working on will automatically attach to your login account and your organization.3If you select this save button and this page displays then the site thinks you are logged in. Select the Continue Working button to go back to the online form. Otherwise select the Back to Summary button to go to your organizations Summary page.

4Get the full navigation menu window for e-application

For applications that include food assistance, there is a way to see the full navigation menu instead of entering through each page.Note: If Basic Food is not selected, these steps do no work.5

Once the minimum amount of information is entered (up to the Address page), the Submit Partial Application button appears.

Select this button.6

The Summary page then displays. At that time, the full navigation menu displays. You can then navigate to the individual sections by selecting the links to the left.Note: You must still complete all the information as the local office needs the information to determine eligibility.7What is a time-out and how to minimizeThe Washington Connection website is designed to log you out of your account if you have been idle for more than 30 minutes.

This does not mean 30 minutes for the entire application. The 30 minute counter starts each time you navigate to a new page.Simply typing on a page is not considered activity. You must go to a new page for the counter to restart.8

A session time out error will look like this.If you are getting a different type of error and then getting kicked out of your account, this is different than being logged out due to inactivity.9Use of the Next and Back buttonsNever use the browser navigation buttons when completing an online form.

Doing so more than likely will cause a system error message to display at some point in the application.


In addition, the Washington Connection website should not be run on multiple tabs within the same web browser.

If you must have multiple sessions open, make sure they are in separate browser windows.11Take notes when receiving Error messagesSome people have been experiencing technical issues while using the Washington Connection website.

In order to help troubleshoot the issues that are occurring, DSHS needs as much detailed information as possible on what happened. This information includes:Your Washington Connection user nameThe Tracking ID of the form you were working onThe clients name and date of birth (or SSN) if you dont have the tracking IDThe time the error occurred (as close to the minute as possible)The page you were on when the error occurredInformation you were entering on that pageThe type of error. (System Error, Session Error, Unavailable Error, Other)Any addition observations/notes and web browser type/version (if known)How You Can Help

You can email the above information to: You can use the provided Excel file to track the information and email it to: You can FAX the above information to Alice Liou at (360) 725-4588.12Sign up for Washington Connection listserv

In your web browser type the search area, enter wa-connection and click Search.13

Click the Subscribe link.14

Enter your information and click Subscribe button.15

An email is sent the email address you listed. Go to your email.16

Click the link in your email.

A confirmation window then displays.

You have now subscribed to the listserv. At this point you will start receiving new listserv emails when they are sent out. If that is all you want, you dont need to do anything else. However if you want to visit the website to view listserv information, continue.17

Go back to the search page and search for wa-connection. When this page appears, select the Login Required link.18

19If you dont have an account yet on the listserv website, click the link get a new LISTSERV password. (See next slide).

If you already have an account with LISTSERV, enter in your account information and Click the Log In button. (Skip next 2 slides).

Enter in your email address and the password you want to use.A confirmation email is sent to the email address listed.

Go to your email.20

Click the link in your email to confirm your account.

If successful, a new page opens with the confirmation message.

Click the Log In link and enter in your account information.21

Once logged in you should notice your email address listed on the page.

Click the My Lists tab to view all lists you are subscribed to.From this page you can:Change your settingsAccess archive informationUnsubscribe22

The settings page allows you to customize your listserv.

If you are not familiar with the options, you may want to leave the listserv defaults.

This is also where you can unsubscribe.23

To access any of the previous listservs sent for WA-Connection, simply click the link.24

Or if you only want to view partial details, just place your cursor over the link without clicking.25

26Using the Client Search FunctionThe client search function is available from your organization summary page. To search for a client, select the Search for a DSHS/HCA client link.

This is available for all users attached to an Assisting Agency. The information displayed is similar to what a client would see through their Client Benefit Account (CBA).27

In order to find a match, you must include either the Client ID or the persons full name AND Social Security Number.Searches can be for 1 to 12 months.Searches can only be done for clients that are the head of household on the DSHS case. For example, a food case contains mom, dad and 2 children. Mom is listed as the head of household. If try to search on dad or any of the children, an edit message is returned.28

The Benefit Summary page lists the following: Benefit Type Benefit Status (approved, pending, denied, closed, closed historically) Benefit Amount (for Cash and Food programs)Note: This search shows benefit level information. There is currently no search available for status of specific applications.29

The Benefit History page displays to total number of months selected in the initial search. If the month doesnt show, then there was no data available. Each month can be expanded or collapsed in the view.

The information includes:

Assistance Unit NumberBenefit Type and AmountThe office assigned the caseNumber of people in the home included on the benefitAny income used to determine benefitsAny WorkFirst sanctions or Overpayments30

The Household Summary page displays the address the Department currently has on file for the client and which benefits they are currently receiving.

Note: This information only includes benefits the client is receiving and not all household members.


The Important Dates currently displays the date the clients benefits are due to end. The review is due no later than the end of their current certification period however should be submitted prior to the last day in order avoid any possible delays in processing.