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Twitter tips and tricks you probably haven't heard about.

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  • 1. 2014,DiscoverMiLtd.AllRightsReserved. FOR SMALL BUSINESSES USEFUL TWITTER TIPS

2. 2014,DiscoverMiLtd.AllRightsReserved. #2BLONDESDIGITAL 3. 2014,DiscoverMiLtd.AllRightsReserved. OUR CLIENTS 4. 2014,DiscoverMiLtd.AllRightsReserved. SHALL WE BEGIN 5. 2014,DiscoverMiLtd.AllRightsReserved. HAVE AN INTERESTING BIO, CUSTOMISED HEADER AND DISPLAY PIC To make sure your images are all the perfect size, check out our cheatsheet here 6. 2014,DiscoverMiLtd.AllRightsReserved. ADD YOUR TWITTER HANDLE TO EVERYTHING YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE, LINKEDIN PROFILE, EMAIL SIGNATURE, BUSINESS CARD, YOUR PRESENTATIONS, INSTAGRAM BIO, FOREHEAD.. (TOO FAR?) 7. 2014,DiscoverMiLtd.AllRightsReserved. BE THE FIRST TO BREAK THE NEWS With a bit of a twist IF YOU LOOK LIKE AN AN EXPERT IN YOUR FIELD AND ARE ALWAYS UP TO DATE YOUR FOLLOWERS WILL GROW TO RELY ON YOU TO BRING THEM THE LATEST NEWS. 8. 2014,DiscoverMiLtd.AllRightsReserved. SHOW PERSONALITY SHARE YOUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS AND STORIES, IT WILL SHOW YOU'RE HUMAN AND MAKE PEOPLE RELATE TO YOU MORE (EVEN OBAMA DOES IT!) 9. 2014,DiscoverMiLtd.AllRightsReserved. LEAVE SPACE IF YOU WANT TO BE RETWEETED TRY TO LEAVE ENOUGH CHARACTERS SO PEOPLE CAN RETWEET YOU USING RT @YOURNAME IN THEIR TWEETS. 10. 2014,DiscoverMiLtd.AllRightsReserved. INCLUDE IMAGES IN YOUR TWEETS Tweets with images and videos get much more interaction than regular text only tweets. . 11. 2014,DiscoverMiLtd.AllRightsReserved. SHARE YOUR OWN CONTENT MORE THAN ONCE. If youre sharing your own rich content (e.g. Blog, Video), schedule it more than once, at different times and days of the week. It will reach a wider audience as people use twitter at different times. 12. 2014,DiscoverMiLtd.AllRightsReserved. DONT USE MORE THAN 3 HASHTAGS IN ONE TWEET IT WILL GET MESSY.. 13. 2014,DiscoverMiLtd.AllRightsReserved. When replying to someone put a full-stop (.) at the front of the twitter handle in order to make the tweet appear in all of your followers news feed. NOTE: This will only work if the full-stop is at the front of the tweet EXAMPLE: .@PLUS1DIGITAL WE LOVE POPART TOO! 14. 2014,DiscoverMiLtd.AllRightsReserved. NEWS, USEFUL AND FUN Pick 2 out of 3 before you tweet 15. 2014,DiscoverMiLtd.AllRightsReserved. ENGAGE WITH OTHERS Pick up some conversations, use @ to comment on someone elses tweets. Its all about conversation. 16. 2014,DiscoverMiLtd.AllRightsReserved. NEED SOME HELP? INFO@PLUS1DIGITAL.CO.UK #2BLONDESDIGITAL @PLUS1DIGITAL WWW.PLUS1DIGITAL.CO.UK