Useful Tips for Christmas Camping

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Transcript of Useful Tips for Christmas Camping

7 Christmas Camping Tips

Christmas is just started & everyone is planning for some adventures caravan camping holiday with their friends and family. Due to increase in popularity, travellers are now looking to explore new campsite area to get more close to nature with comfortable & pleasant stay.

Whether you are a newbie or experienced traveller and planning to tour a new place that you havent seen before, here are some important Tips you must consider before you begin your journey

#1 Campsite Information


A comfortable camping starts with proper knowledge of a campsite. Before buying or borrowing any tent for your new campsite, it is advisable that you have proper knowledge about your campsite. If you are still confused, you can start with few important points mentioned below:

Size of the campsite How many tent are required for camping Does campsite has extra space for kitchen, table & chair storage Does campsite has extra space for Campfire

Proper size of the campsites will help you to buy perfect gear for your journeys.

#2 Important Gears & Accessories


Buying or borrowing proper right gears or accessories can save plenty of money in your trip. Ensure that you have the right kind of gears & accessories that perfectly match that kind of climatic conditions. If you are confused on which gear works best for you, we will help you with basic accessories required for summer & winter camping.

#3 Tips in Case of Emergency Situation


Your campsite might be filled with poisonous animals, plants & insect. If your camp is near to a river then you must take proper medical kits because water attracts more animals. Some common medicines are available to avoid common problem like headaches, vomit & stomach pain during camping.

#4 Check Weather Condition


Camping can be enjoyed more when you have proper knowledge about the flora & fauna that you watch during your trekking. But in some cases you can face extreme conditions like rain, heat or cold. Make sure that you have right kind of accessories if you are planning to camp under extreme weather conditions. Take proper campfire equipment if the fire is not banned in that region. Dont forget to take jackets & waterproof rainwear.

#5 Carry Good Lighting Equipment


To avoid common accident in night camping, it is suggested to keep right kind of lighting equipment with you. Nobody likes accident in kitchen while cooking or trying to search for toilets. Using proper lighting equipment like a torch or led bulb are the best options to avoid such trouble.

#6 Inform Close Friend & Family Before Leaving


It is advisable to inform your close friends and family about your campsite destination. Carry some cash and phone in case of emergency. Note the emergency contact number of near police station & hospital.

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