Useful business apps for iPad

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If you own a business, you’re always tied down to a computer, taking care of matters like writing emails, tracking your finances and doing other tasks. It’s very hard to work in a confined setting.

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  • 1. If you own a business, yourealways tied down to acomputer, taking care ofmatters like writing emails, tracking your finances anddoing other tasks. Its very hard to work in a confined setting.

2. What if you came up with a greatbusiness idea during dinner? 3. is one of the most popular productivityapps ever. What makes it popular is not onlyis it free, but filled with plenty of features thatare useful. One basic feature is the ability to take notes in a basic form, and add tags to them later. Should you find yourself with a hundred notes, just type in the appropriate tag on the search bar and thats it! 4. We all need to keep copies of receipts of all thetransactions we make, whether theyre fromour customers or acquisitions. Keeping track ofthem is very irritating, because they can pile up.You can snap photos of your receiptsand store them into your officialShoeboxed account. Employees fromShoeboxed verify the receipts youhave for accurate information. 5. When it comes to business, monitoringyour finances should always be one ofyour top priorities. When youre at homeand you want to take a look at how yourcompanys doing without turning on acomputer,then Mint is for you.Its a very detailed app that keeps track ofhow much money you have lost, and howmuch money youve made. You can viewyour savings, loans, investments and otheraccounts you have. For the iPad, you get aunique feature that displays charts! 6. You should sell your iPad 2and get the new iPad. Evernote alone isgoing to be fun to use. Of course, Shoeboxedand Mint are very useful apps that will make your business handling mobile. 7. With the new iPad out now, its time to sell your iPad 2!Its got a bunch of new features, most notably the impressive screen, that make everything look beautiful. Even mundaneapps come to life! 8. Keynote is a presentation creatorbuilt specifically for iOS devices. Its so easy to use. You can create presentations that are fully detailed and rich incontent. You can create charts, graphs, effects and other 3D graphics for engaging presentations.There are a lot of animations,transitions and other things to choose from to create the ultimate presentation. 9. Dubbed as the premier app for Google Analytics,Analytics HD gives you detailed reports and chartsand whatever else you need to view for your website.It supports multiple accounts and logins too. If youhave other employees monitoring your analytics, youcan share access with them. 10. Cloud storage is a gift from the gods!These days, many people are relyingon cloud storage providers to accesstheir files anywhere. If you dont knowOne good example iswhat cloud storage is,iCloud. By storing files indont worry becausethe iCloud, iOS devicesits very easy tolike the iPod touch, understand. CloudiPhone and iPad canstorage is where dataaccess the files instantly,is stored online andwithout taking upcan be accessed byphysical memory. multiple computers at the same time.