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A Selection of Apps for Education By Glen Vey and Elizabeth Resnick

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  1. 1. A Selection ofApps for Education By Glen Vey and Elizabeth Resnick
  2. 2. Math Show MeWhiteboardNotabilityrecord and share handwriting, PDF voice-overAlgebraannotation, typing,recording, and whiteboard Touch organizingtutorialsDrag to rearrange, tap to simplify, and drawlines to eliminate ZigZag identical terms.Distribute by Collaborativesliding terms acrosswhiteboard the sum, and Factordivide intothem back out bydragging themspaces together.
  3. 3. Frog Virtual HeartDissectionmultiple real-time3D instructionsviews of the humanwith voice over ScienceheartSolarMolecules Star Walk three-dimensional Systemaugmented reality renderings ofinteractiveapp that labels all the molecules andscenes, videos stars, constellations, manipulating them and 3D objectsand satellites you using your fingers point your iPad
  4. 4. LanguagesiSpeak French Living NotabilityTranslates and speaks Languagehandwriting, PDFthe translation back toannotation, typing,youGermanrecording, andvocabulary, grammar, organizingdialogues, andinteractive games
  5. 5. History EnglishVirtual History ROMA Shakespeare in Bits:Romeo and Juliet
  6. 6. Art Authorityenthralling, real-world artmuseum filled with worksArtClearTune by over 1,000 of the Chromatic Tunerwestern worlds greatestartistsMy Brushcreate images andplayback the wholepainting process. It has 100kinds of realistic brush styles
  7. 7. Misc. eWalletZite Keep passwordsprotected, secure, andeasy to access in Side by SidefreeeWalleta multiple-windowpersonalized reader/browser with offline magazine for reading and note taking capabilities your iPad
  8. 8. YelpMisc. Google MapsAugmented reality: Search for local search for businesses, and get businesses near driving, transit, or walking you directions.iBooks