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Apps for Education using the iPads

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  • 1.iPad Apps for Education

2. Art 3. Art 4. Art 5. AudioAudio Memos Free 6. Audio 7. Audio 8. Productivity type a new note, add photos and audio 9. Productivity Mental Class Flash Cards iPad or iPhone $4.99 Import any flashcard database to your iPhone or iPad 10. Productivity idea board to collect, organize and save notes 11. ProductivityOrganizesall yourApps 12. Productivity best-selling handwriting app for iPad - includes photo annotation. 13. Productivity Intuitive, straightforward office document tool - opens, creates and edits Word (DOC & DOCX), Excel (XLS), and PowerPoint 14. ProductivityNoteshelf iPad $4.99 note taking app designed for the iPad 15. Productivity Combination of any two apps arranged side by side 16. Interactive 17. Productivity 18. Productivity 19. Productivity powerful presentation app designed for a mobile device 20. GeographyU.S. Geographyby Discovery Education iPad Edition iPad $6.99One of the Top Paid Education App 21. GeographyFree City Maps andWalks (470+ Cities) iPad Free 22. Math 23. MathAlgebra Touch iPad, iPhone $2.99Algebra review 24. Math 25. MathScientific Graphing Calculator iPad $1.99 26. Math Forget canned examples! The Wolfram Algebra Course Assistant solves your specific algebra problems on the fly, often showing you how to work through the problem step by step. 27. Science 28. Science 29. Science 30. Science Helps identify tree species from photographs of their leaves 31. Science 32. Science 33. Science 34. Social Studies AP US History Exam Prep iPad $4.99 35. Social Studies American Dreams and World History Documents iPad $2.99 36. Web 37. Web 38. Web Atomic Web Browser iPad & iPhone $0.99 Adblock, Tabs, MultiTouch Gestures, User Agent Switcher, Passcode Lock, Facebook/Twitter integration, Save Page, Downloads, and more 39. Multimedia Photosync iPad $1.99 Sync photos & video between iPad & Computer 40. Multimedia 41. Multimedia 42. Multimedia 43. Multimedia 44. Multimedia 45. Multimedia 46. Cloud 47. Cloud2 G Storage can be sharedwith others 48. Cloud