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iPhone and iPad apps. Apps shipped with devices Apps we use Apps for the Future. Appy Hour: Summary Sheet. Visual Learners…Please take a photo. Calculator. iBooks. MyScriptCalculator. iTrail :GPS tracking. Timer. Simple Mind: MindMapTool. GoSkyWatch. Airplay. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of iPhone and iPad apps

  • iPhone and iPad apps

    Apps shipped with devices

    Apps we use

    Apps for the Future

  • Still and Video CameraAppy Hour: Summary SheetCalculatorTimerAirplayCompassiBooksiTrail :GPS trackingGoSkyWatchScanMyScriptCalculatorSimple Mind: MindMapToolAurasma: Augmented RealityVisual LearnersPlease take a photo

  • iPhone and iPod Handy teaching toolTurn sideways for a full scientific calculatorCalculatorApps shipped with devices

  • CameraVersatile..Capture flaura and faunaWriting ideasIdentify speciesData recording: Communication toolShare & Celebrate learning

    Apps shipped with devices

  • Some Camera usesApps shipped with devices

  • Kids take note of moving pictures!Video: record or playbackApps shipped with devices

  • Built into Clock app

    Handy management tool

    TimerApps shipped with devices

  • Use apple TV or another computer to display iPad screen/cameraShipped with iOS 6 and iOS7AirplayApps shipped with devices

  • Supplied with iPhone

    Displays GPS co-ordinates for navigation/emergency CompassApps shipped with devices

  • Allows multi sensory learning as students explore grounds and interact with book and centre groundsvideo, photo galleries, sounds, self checking questionsScan QR codes for informationNeeds a Mac to write the books

    iBooksApps we use

  • GPS tracking app.Stand alone or use with Google EarthTool for debriefing expeditions and navigation2D, 3D and animation

    iTRAILApps we use

  • iTrail data on Google EarthApps we use

  • Has been used at TEEC by a range of people from year 5s through to professional astronomersIdentify major/minor celestial objectsPinpointing locations for events such as 2012 Eclipse and 2013 annular eclipseGo Sky WatchApps we use

  • Can be linked to text message without internet access

    Can link to web address

    Can link to web video

    Kids enjoy unlocking the message (engagement)

    ScanApps we use

  • Used by Astronomy and Astrophysics studentsRecommended for basic scientific functions such as trigonometry and complex divisionMy Script CalculatorApps we use

  • SimpleMindIdea SketchiCardSort

    Simple Mind+ MindmappingApps we use

  • Jasmyns Writing PlansdfdApps we use

  • Content can literally jump off the wall at students.Aurasma : Augmented RealityApps for the Future

  • Currently being used by CSIRO for Rainforest applications, Invertebrate study and for Astronomy

    New way of communicating : Still coming to terms with how to enhance learning

    Working on models for our centre. (December updateCSIRO assisting with trial)3D ModellingApps for the Future

  • Administering iPads.................................Lion+ and ConfiguratorMaintenance Issues:ChargingVolume Purchasing ProgramImages or buildsDeleting Pictures and other student work