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Transcript of Tx history-ch-16.3

  • 1. Chapter 16:Western Expansion and Conflict Section 3:The Texas Rangers & American Indians

2. Conflicts on the Frontier

  • Settlers moving westward
  • Movement onto American Indian lands
  • Frontier settlers ask for government assistance

3. Conflicts on the Frontier

  • Federal government responsible for Indian conflicts
  • Contradictory policies
  • Infantry troops no match for expert horse riders

4. Conflicts on the Frontier

  • Gov. Wood calls out the Texas Rangers
  • Rangers had horses
  • Rangers so effective they were paid by the federal government

5. Conflicts on the Frontier

  • TheColt Six-Shootergave Texas Rangers a powerful advantage in battles against the Comanche and Kiowa.

6. Establishing Frontier Forts

  • Federal government established a line of forts

7. Establishing Frontier Forts

  • Forts protected settlers and travelers
  • Especially important after discovery of gold in California
  • Army abandoned forts as settlers pushed past them

8. Establishing Frontier Forts

  • Fort Worthwas abandoned by the army after settlers moved past it, deeper into the frontier

9. Establishing Frontier Forts

  • Forts ineffective:
    • Too far apart
    • Too few troops
    • Too few supplies
    • Settlers went past

10. The Reservation Policy

  • Reservations areas of land set aside for American Indians
  • Many Plains Indians continued to live outside reservations
  • Conflict continued

11. The Removal of Texas Indians

  • Settlers living near reservations claimed Indians stole
  • Formed vigilante groups
  • Indians removed to Indian Territory (Oklahoma)

12. The Removal of Texas Indians

  • Robert S. Neighbors U.S. Indian agent who disagreed with federal policy

Robert S. Neighbors 13. The Removal of Texas Indians

  • Alabama-Coushatta Indians whose right to remain in Texas was recognized by the state government
  • Aided during the Texas Revolution

14. The Removal of Texas Indians

  • Alabama-Coushatta Reservation
  • Kickapoo Reservation
  • Tigua Reservation

Locations of Texas Indian Reservations