Top ten tips for dye sublimation Heat Transfer Printing

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Top Ten Tips For Dye Sublimation Heat Transfer Printing

Sublimation is a method of decorating stuff! Sublimation allows digital decorators to create all sorts of unique, personalized products including mouse pads, mugs, tile murals, carpet murals, T-shirts, poker chips, coasters, cutting boards, architectural signage, jewelry, towels, award plaques, and many others.The sublimation process uses sublimation ink, installed in a printer usually equipped with piezo-electric print heads, to print computer graphics onto release paper. This sublimation transfer and a specially coated product (substrate) are then placed into a heat press.

1. Always buy a test kit of hard and soft substrates for testing and training.2. Always keep your sublimation instructions up to date. We revise our instructions every few weeks to keep up with new products and improved transfer techniques. Post your instructions near your heat press.3. Ask your supplier for help with printing large-volume orders. Using wide-format printers, we and others can print a large-volume order quickly. If this type of order becomes frequent, you can then make a rational decision on how to best upgrade your equipment.

4. If possible, buy an Epson professional series printer instead of a desktop model. The Epson F-series professional printer is a fast and reliable printer. 5. Take care of your printer. Your supplier can provide preventative-maintenance suggestions to keep your printer working at peak performance and to lengthen its life. For all printers, learn to clean the maintenance station and encoder strip. 6. Call your supplier (before calling Epson) when your printer appears to be dying. Often there are simple fixes that can help bring a printer back to life, and your supplier should be highly motivated to get yours back on track.

7. Consider purchasing a backup/spare printer. Sometimes when a printer finally dies, you find that model has been discontinuedpossibly leaving you with bulk-ink-system compatibility issues.8. Do a nozzle check on plain paper at the beginning of every print day and when you suspect there might be a problem. Never do an Auto nozzle check. Instead, use the Print option except in rare cases (like power issues).9. Leave your printer turned on. Turning your printer on and off only serves to waste ink.10. Print on the correct side of the correct sublimation paper. Refer to your instructions for which paper to use for your substrate. Printed transfers should be transferred within a few days.

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