Sublimation Transfer Paper With Dye Sublimation Printing

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  1. 1. SublimationSublimation Transfer Paper withTransfer Paper with Dye SublimationDye Sublimation PrintingPrinting
  2. 2. High resolution: Because any color dye sublimation ink can be displayed, the image can be very colorful and vibrant. Even photo grade effects can be achieved. On the contrary, if you want to have more vintage look, it also can be displayed.
  3. 3. Cost effective: It is a very cost-effective way to make any garments as per your needs and desires of certain images. Custom fabric is very expensive and required high quantity of yardage. You can get any image on the fabric in limited quantity in limited time. This can make you adapt to the rapid changes of the fashion market.
  4. 4. Durability: No crack or fades are in the sublimated ink image on the fabric. Unlike the screen printing, no lays on the fabric means the surface of the garment is smooth and comfortable. Many sportswear and casual clothing are made of sublimated fabric. It also does not block the air flow of the perspiration in the body.
  5. 5. The difference from the silk screen printing Silk screen actually uses different inks together and lays the mixed inks on the fabric, so you can feel the thickness of the ink which can make user uncomfortable. You need to match the pantone color with mixed inks, so the final image correction, color ways, and higher resolutions are almost impossible. You can do silk screen printing on almost any fabric comparing to the sublimation process can be done on the synthetic material.
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