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These are my most recomended apps from K-12th grade.

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    Top iPod AppsFor Early Education


    The Cat In The Hat - Dr. Seuss - Lite

    In this interactive story book students have the option to read the story or have it read to them. Items on the page also come alive when they

    are touched and the name of the item will appear as well.

    You dont get the full story, but it could be used as a great story starter.

    Best the story is being read, the words are highlighted!

    Other Dr. Seuss books are available!

    Maria Counts - LAZ - Kindergarten - A

    This leveled reader goes along with the web based program Learning A to Z.

    Vocabulary terms can be clicked on for a matching picture and definition.

    Other LAZ leveled readers



    MeeGenius has a variety of e-books for you to browse. When the words are read aloud, they are highlighted. A downfall to this app is that there is no option to turn off the read aloud

    function.The following stories are available for free: The Three Pigs, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Jemima

    Puddleduck, The Lion and The Mouse, The Magpies Nest, and The Little Red Hen

    Additional books are

    available at a cost.

    Touchy Books for KidsTouchy Books includes two free interactive story books. While each story is read to you, you are able to make objects move around on the page.

    Additional books are

    available at a cost.

    Dust D. Dawg Has Feelings Too

    This book is great for character education. Not only is the book read to the students, but they

    can record themselves reading it too! An added bonus is that you can actually customize the book with your students pictures! It makes it look as if the book is dedicated just to them.

    Reading Free

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    Top iPod AppsFor Early Education


    Shape Builder Lite This app includes 15 puzzles for students to use. It puts a unique twist on spatial reasoning. It also promotes cognitive thinking and motor


    The full version costs

    99cents. There is a Spanish

    version too!

    Math Drills Lite Students can easily practice their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems

    using this app. Students are also given a number line, number chart, and nearby facts to

    help them solve the problem.

    If you upgrade, you

    can track student


    123 Tracer and More Free

    In this app students can practice tracing numbers, counting and basic addition &

    subtraction facts.

    Great for all learners!

    Caboose This is a great app for practicing patterns. The sound effects and visuals are very appealing to

    younger students.

    This app is typically

    99cents, but has been offered for


    PopMath Lite Yet another app for practicing basic addition facts. However, students love trying to pop all

    the balloons before the buzzer goes off!

    Upgrading will give you add., sub., mult., & div.




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    Top iPod AppsFor Every Age


    Dragon Dictation

    Dragon Dictation is an easy to use voice recognition app. Students will talk into the ipod and the app will convert the conversation into text. This is a great app for students to make

    sure they are speaking clearly and using correct grammar.

    Love it!

    Quick VoiceQuick voice is a voice recording app. This can

    be used to record directions for students, record students reading to practice fluency, etc.

    FotobabbleFotobabble allows you to add voice to a picture.

    It puts a new twist on digital storytelling.Lots of fun!

    Google EarthGoogle Earth allows you to fly around the world.

    It allows you to see global satellite & ariel pictures of multiple locations.

    Great for showcasing geography.

    iBrainstorm Companion

    This companion app allows you to sync with an ipad to share information through sticky notes.

    Great collaborative


    Cross- Curricular


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    Top iPod AppsFor Middle & High School


    NASA App

    Videos, pictures and tracking oh my! The NASA app gives your students many opportunities to

    explore different missions. This app even connects live to NASA TV.

    MyPrepPal: SAT Critical Reading

    This app features multiple interactive vocabulary flashcards, video tutorials on test prep, unique

    timed drills, and multiple choice drills.

    It actually keeps track

    of your results.

    Idea SketchIdea sketch allows you to create concept maps, mind maps or flow charts and convert it to a text


    This can be a little tricky to edit but well

    worth it!

    Fluent News

    This app gives you access to the leading news sources (Wall Street Journal, Washington Post,

    Time, etc). You even have the option to save articles that

    you have found.

    Great for keeping up with current


    TranslatorThis is an automatic translator that provides an

    interface to the free Google Translate API.

    All Areas