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  • 8/10/2019 Tips for Muet Speaking Test


    Tips for Muet Speaking TestTASK AEach 2-min presentation should include 5 important elements:1. Greetings2. Repeat situation from the uestion

    !. State the point gi"en to #ou$. ! pts %ith rele"ant e&planation ' e&amples5. (onclusionGreetings1. Good morning to e"er#one.2. Good morning ) *id to one and all.!. Good morning to the e&aminerS and all candidateS.$. A "er# good morning ) %ish to all e&aminerS and fello% candidateSRepeat Situation1. Toda# %e are tal+ing a*out,2. The situation ) ha"e *een gi"en is,!. According to the situation,$. ased on the situation gi"en,

    State the point gi"en1. ) %ould li+e to gi"e ! reasons for m# point %hich is,2. There are ! reasons to support m# point %hich is,!. # point is //////// so to ela*orate ) %ould li+e to discuss ! reasons.$. ) thin+ that //////////// is the *est idea.! 0ts E&planation ' E&amples1. 3irstl#4 ) thin+ that,This is *ecause.. oreo"er4... 3or e&ample4,2. Secondl#4 another reason is, )n addition4, 3or instance4,!. 3inall#4 in m# opinion,3urthermore4, A good e&ample is...(onclusion1. )n conclusion4 this is the *est point *ecause,2. To conclude4 ) still agree that,!. )n a nutshell4 ) feel that,

    $. )n short4 m# idea is the *est *ecause,

    p s: )t6s o+ if #ou don6t spea+ on ! points no penalt# as long as #ou de"elop e"en one point %ell %ithgood ela*oration and e&amples. The ! points %e stress on is 7ust for practice.#ou don6t ha"e aconclusion no penalt# *ut if #ou manage to do a conclusion #ou %ill logicall# score higher *ecause#our presentation is more structured. A88 9 ; )S TA8K ? ?-ST 0 3 R 2 )?S@@@@


    Agree ) agree %ith #ou. ? T: )6m agree. That6s a great idea@ ) see #our point@

    That6s an interesting perspecti"e. ) li+e #our suggestion.... BcontinuesC
  • 8/10/2019 Tips for Muet Speaking Test


    Cara-cara nak jawab MUET Paper Speakingat 12:02 PMHai semua..hari ni nk share tentang tips jawab MUET Paper Speaking...ok..drpd a wat post !g "bg #aedah pd orang $ain%$ebih baik aku tu$is benda ni..&om ba'a...

    Masa$ah2 tak bo$eh 'akap eng$ish (orang "#aham ape !g didengari..

    Ski$$ speaking korang $emah..

    (urang ka!akinan diri...

    (urang pengetahuan tentang isu !g dibin'angkan...

    Tak biasa speaking depan org...

    kurang )o'abs *so kene ba'a buku% di'tionar!% maga+ine%newspaper,

    takut s$h..*semua org akan wat sa$ah...kite pun tak terke'ua$i..nak takut wat pe..,

    Ma'amana nak buat pen!ampaian !g terbaik---

    1. Jangan nervous... (eban!akan org akan menga$ami benda ni...takut sgt2...then sampai takbo$eh #ikir...'ara terbaik nak se$esaikan masa$ah ni..biasakan diri untuk 'akap da$am bahasa tu...ajak $a kawan2 bua$ dgnkorang guna eng$ish..or ber$atih depan 'ermin...ta$k to !ourse$#....tapi aku penah jugak jumpe org !g dok 2 jam nakspeaking je% dan sepatutn!e dorang "ner)ous% tapi ade jugak !g ner) aku ga$akkan korang 'akap d$m eng$ pdwaktu !g sesuai% n dgn org !g sesuai....maksud org !g sesuai ada$ah org !g bo$eh $a!an kau $a bi$a kau nak 'kp eng$ish...

    2.Eye contact ... sakit hati " bi$a org 'akap kat kita tapi "pandang kite..ka$au pandang pun% pandang tempat$ain%bukann!e mata kita..benda2 m'm ni akan wat korang nampak "berke! e!e 'onta't to penting...tengokbetu$2 org !g kau nak 'akap tu...

    /. Duduk a betu ! kat kerusi tu..kdg2 tengok time test speaking% duduk pun m'm nak "nak je...pastukaku sema'am...kau bukann!e nak masuk kawad pun smpai nak tegak je..haha..wat muka tenang$a"...*wa$aupunhakikatn!e korang tgh takut..,..

    .Tunjukkan korang bo$eh speaking se'ara spontan ... ara 'akap mesti beradab sopan...attitude dgn tone suarakite mesti seragam...jgn $a bi$a 'akap benda serius% ko sen!um2 pu$ak...sesuaikan $a...

    . i$a nak 'akap tu% cakap satu!$an2...jgn tersangkut3sangkut pu$ak...ka$au !g 'akap $aju% s$ow downsikit ke$ajuan tu...

    4.(orang ade mase utk prepare points..time tu ke$uarkan semua pendapat korang... tu is "ainpoints dgn sikit2 e"amp$e je....

    Speaking test ade ! task...task # is individua test...task ! is in group ..dis'ussion $a kiran!e...dua2 task ni jgn rase indi)idua$ test je korang nak wat betu$2% then time dis'ussion korang down% tu bo$eh

    menjejaskan markah korang..jom ba'a tips se"asa jawab task # ...1.Mu$a2 bi$a dapat soa$an% ba'a betu$2..dan tengok ape point !g diberi pd korang...
  • 8/10/2019 Tips for Muet Speaking Test


    2.Tugas korang suarakan je pendapat korang seperti point !g dah diberi..

    / .&gn seseka$i 'akap tak setuju atau setuju kat task 1

    kat sini aku tujukkan cara yg betu nak wat intro dan cara yg sa a$..soa$an: re'ent$! there ha)e been se)era$ break3ins and the#ts in !our residentia$ area.5ou are a member o# theneighbourhood wat'h group dis'ussing wa!s to 'urb these so'ia$ prob$ems.

    andidate 6Emp$o! se'urit! guards


    Take turns to keep wat'h at night

    andidate 7nsta$$ a$arm s!stem

    andidate 89i" proper gri$$s to their windows and doors

    ontoh jawapan betu$: ood morning to Mr;miss;mdm e"aminerand a$$ 'andidates. There

  • 8/10/2019 Tips for Muet Speaking Test


  • 8/10/2019 Tips for Muet Speaking Test


    4.6pe nak buat ka$au semua 'andidate sokong point !gsama-3"best $a..t dis'ussion korang jd pendek sgt sebab point !g sikit tu nak share org...'ontoh $a kan% bi$a 'andidate 6 dh 'akapdie stuju kat andidate 8 pun!e point% so 'andidate and sokong $a point dr andidate se$ain 8..kan nanti meriahdis'ussion korang...

    3kes berat pu$ak m'm ni... ka$au korang dah 'akap du$u korang sokong % pastu !g $ain pun nak jugak ikut ape !g kau sokong%then korang guna strategi$e2 ko bgtahu je nape ko sokong ..Pastu agak2 kawan2 ko !g $ain diam je% "tau nak 'akapape% korang tan!e $a dieorang pu$ak...

  • 8/10/2019 Tips for Muet Speaking Test



    Candidate AInstructions to candidates:

    Task A: Individual presentation Study the stimulus or topic given. You are given two minutes to prepare your responses. You are given two minutes to present. Listen to the others while they are making their presentations and take down notes for

    the group discussion in Task B.

    Task B: Group discussion You are given two minutes to prepare points to support or oppose the other

    candidates views. After you have listened to everyone! try to come to a decision as to which of the four

    suggestions is the "est. Your group is given ten minutes for the discussion.

    Task A and Task B will "e carried out consecutively.

    SituationYour "rother has "een given the opportunity to study in #ngland on a government

    scholarship. You and your family are very proud of him. Decide on a special gift for him to

    prepare for his trip a"road.

    Task A$ Suggest that they give him cash . Say why.

    Task B$ Discuss which of the following would "e most useful.

    i. cashii. a computer

    iii. some suitable clothing iv. some Malaysian foodstuff

    Candidate A

    Task A: Suggest that they give him cash. Say why.

    %ood morning to the e&aminers and my fellow friends. ' m very happy that my

    "rother has (ust received a scholarship to study in #ngland. )y relatives and ' would like to

  • 8/10/2019 Tips for Muet Speaking Test


    give him a special gift. *e all think that the "est gift is money "ecause it will "e very useful

    for him.

    The first reason is with cash he can "uy the things that he needs when he gets there.

    There will me a lot of things that he will need like new "ooks! stationery! clothes and food.+e will also need to pay for transportation like taking the "us or train to go to the university

    campus. As we know! it is very e&pensive in #ngland so any money we give him will "e very


    Secondly! my "rother can use the money to "uy a mo"ile phone when he gets

    to#ngland. ' think this is very important in case of emergencies so we can contact him easily.

    ,urthermore! he can sms us and keep us updated with his progress in his studies there. +ence!

    if we really miss him we can (ust give him a call.

    ,inally! ' also think giving him money is the "est choice "ecause it is light and doesn ttake up a lot of space. 'f we were to give him a computer! "ooks or winter clothes it will "e

    very heavy and "ulky for him to "ring to #ngland. Therefore! ' think that it is much easier to

    "ring money and "uy those things when he gets there.

    'n conclusion! these are some of the reasons why ' think giving him cash is the "est

    choice. To me! it is the most useful gift we can give him. Thank you.

    Candidate B

    Task A: You suggest that they give him a computer. Say why.

    A very good morning ' "id to one and all. )y relatives and ' are very proud of my "rother. +e

    has (ust received a scholarship to study in #ngland and so we would like to give him a special

    gift. *e "elieve that the "est present for him is a laptop computer.

    ,irstly! as a university student! my "rother will have to do many assignments. 'f he has a

    laptop computer he can "ring it everywhere and conse-uently! do his work anytime and

    anywhere. Thus! he will not have to share the computers at the computer room with other

    students and he will "e a"le to do his work more -uickly and efficiently.

    Another point is that when he "oar