Public Speaking Tips

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Tips on the use of your musical instrument - your voice.

Transcript of Public Speaking Tips

  • 1. Create a positive self image - imagine asuccessful speech!

2. Yoga BreathingAcupressure 3. Autogenic Training 4. Don't memorize - sort of 5. Diction, Slang, anatNo, thank you.I havehad a sufficiency, morewould be a redundancy.Already my gastronomicsatiety has reached itsultimatum. 6. overassimilationI dunnoProblyHavtaWoulda/coulda/shouldaUzshlyGonnaWannaCancha 7. Most overused andmeaningless words today 8. 30 Second Ride 9. Voice Control Volume mic or no mic Pitch Speed 150-170 WPM Modulation 10. The Pause That Refreshes Pause before emphasizing an important wordor concept. Doing that will make you punchout what comes next to show the audiencethis is important. 11. Speed up your rate to show excitement.Speeding up will invariably make the tone ofvoice more urgent and compelling. 12. Relive Your Story in Your Mind See in your mind the story you are telling. This willtranslate into your vocal quality. Train yourself to relive the story as you tell it andyou will see a difference in your tone of voice. 13. Define a place in your speech that might beconsidered a "wow" factor for the audience.When you get to that point, the audience willthink, "Wow! I did not realize that! If you can anticipate that point in the speech,you will be more likely to put punch into thetone of voice as you speak and your contentwill impact your audience with greater effect. 14. Give Them Face Include vivid facial expression or biggergestures when you get to an emotional ordramatic part of your presentation. Moreexpressive body movement body will oftenbe reflected in the tone of your voice. 15. Include dialogue in your speech. Narrating a conversation will cause you tovary speaking rate and volume toaccommodate the different characters inyour story so that your tone of voice will bemore expressive. 16. Your Voice is The Voice 17. Jabberwocky 18. Your Speech Into aJourneyCreate a journey that is familiar toyou.BREAK THE SPEECH DOWNTO CLEAR IMAGES THATREMIND YOU ABOUT WHATYOU WANT TO TALK ABOUTTHINK OF THE LANDMARKS,TURNS, VISUAL INTEREST POINTSBRIDGERED BARNDEAD ZONEBIKER BARWALMARTJIMMY STEART AIRPORT 19. TELL A STORY FROM YOUR YOUTHAND USE THE METHODS GETTING LOSTDESCRIBED BEING AFRAID YOUR 15 MINUTES OFFAME A BIG FIGHT LOSING SOMETHINGYOU TREASURED BEING EMBARRASED 20. USE VISUAL AIDS BRINGSOMETHING NEXT WEEK Free PresentationToolsto Wow YourAudience 21. Never, ever, everapologize