20 Public Speaking Tips

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20 Tips tip for better public speaking. Use these 20 tips as a checklist to get ready for your next presentation

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  • 1. 20 Public Speaking Tips Peter Dhu

2. 1 Use your nervous energy It is not about getting rid of nerves, but rather harnessing the nervous energy Nerves will put you into your peak performance mode It is about making the butterfly's fly in formation 3. 2 Leave your ego at the door Focus 100% on the audience and dont worry about your own nerves and your own self talk. If you focus on yourself then you are taking away from the audience 4. 3 Be clear on your purpose What do you want to achieve What do you want the audience to remember Why do they care What outcome/change/action do you want to occur 5. 4 Start really strong First Impressions count The first 30 seconds is crucial The rule of primacy the first words are remembered 6. 5 What pain are you solving for your audience What problem are you solving What pain are you alleviating What questions are you answering What is keeping you audience awake at night with worry Answer these questions and you will do a great job 7. 6 Use stories Tell a story Make a point Link the point to a benefit for the audience Stories are your Unique Intellectual Property You dont need to learn your stories, they happened Stories are memorable Stories create an emotional response 8. 7 Have a call to action Ask them to do something Challenge them Make the status quo unacceptable 9. 8 Speak to the audience one to one Speak as though you are just having a conversation Be genuine, authentic and conversational Make eye contact one person at a time 10. 9 Get out of your comfort zone Take a risk every day that gets you closer to your speaking goal If you are comfortable, then it is not big enough for you Dr Susan Jeffers said Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway Just speak more 11. 10 Do your preparation Prior preparation prevents pathetically poor performance Spectacular performance is preceded by spectacular preparation Preparation is the foundation of every presentation 12. 11 Use your voice Use tonal variation and intonation Vary your speed Vary your volume Use pause to create suspense 13. 12 Always get feedback Feedback is the food of champions How do you know if you dont ask Feedback will help you grow and unlock potential 14. 13 Establish credibility Why you Where does your data come from What is your experience Why should we believe you Build your credibility stack 15. 14 Dont read your speech Use a mind map Have bullet points Tell your stories Speak extemporaneously 16. 15 Gestural intelligence Have inclusive gestures Develop a rich gestural vocabulary Dont fidget or use distracting hand movements Eliminate bounce in your gestures Dont point at your audience 17. 16 Connect with your audience Focus on connection, not perfection Build rapport Build trust 18. 17 Dont be afraid of the elephant in the room Acknowledge differences Acknowledge concerns Acknowledge problems Acknowledge fears 19. 18 Make your message memorable Use surprise or unexpected message What is in it for me Put a hook in your message Have a call to action Make your data concrete Use emotion 20. 19 Present with the right energy Match the energy level of the room dont be too high and dont come over too flat Understand that you are privileged to be before that audience. With privilege comes responsibility Communicate with conviction and belief Have a positive attitude 21. 20 Take care of your voice War m up with tongue twisters or humming Drink water before and during your presentation Do drink apple juice or pineapple juice to help lubricate your voice Dont drink milk or soy based coffee Use a tick tack to avoid dry mouth X