Extra Public Speaking / Presentation Tips!

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More at http://www.nosweatpublicspeaking.com Here are some great ideas to make your presentations better!

Transcript of Extra Public Speaking / Presentation Tips!

  • 1. PUBLIC SPEAKING / PRESENTATIONS Extra Tips Here are some valuable ideas that will improve Your Presentations! EXTRA SPEAKING TIPS Here are tips that will improve your presentations.
  • 2. EXTRA SPEAKING TIP #1 JOIN TOASTMASTERS ! Great place to learn the basics with lots of support. ! Visit several clubs before joining because they each have their own distinct qualities.
  • 3. EXTRA TIPS FOR PRESENTATIONS! MIND MAPPING ! Non-linear, visual, brain storming tool that brings together the left, linear and right, creative sides of our brain. ! This is the Swiss Army Knife for the Brain.
  • 4. My Speech I A B C II A B III A B LINEAR or DIAGRAM The problem with going linear to develop a speech is that were trying to organize thoughts before we develop them. Our brains dont think this way. ! In this case, IIIB should be ID.
  • 5. Sub-Topic Sub-Topic Sub-Topic Main Subject Mind Map Sub-Topic Sub-Topic MIND MAPPING ! Mind mapping brings together the left, linear and right, creative sides of the brain. ! This is a basic mind map with the main subject in the center and sub-topics radiating from the center. mastermindmapper.com
  • 6. MIND MAPPING ! This is a Speakers Template mastermindmapper.com
  • 7. EXTRA SPEAKING TIP #3 HANDOUTS ! Dont hand them out unless a workshop. ! They become a distraction to your talk.
  • 8. EXTRA SPEAKING TIP #4 HUMOR ! If done well, can be like icing on a cake. ! Tough ! ! If say Ill be funny and not, theyll be laughing at me rather than with me.
  • 9. EXTRA SPEAKING TIP #5 PROPS ! Can enhance ! Rule ! ! Put away when nished ! Example: Hat speech - Each hat indicates a Hat we wear in our lives ! Sometime best prop is NONE - Example - Picture your favorite Coffee Cup
  • 10. EXTRA SPEAKING TIP #6 PRACTICE ! Malcolm Gladwell - 10,000 hours to be an expert - Michael Phelps ! Practice makes perfect - Perfect practice makes perfect - The road to perfection never ends. Practice in mirror, video, audio, friends and family. Join Toastmasters.
  • 11. EXTRA SPEAKING TIP #7 TIMING ! Respect the program and time of others ! Have talk in modules
  • 12. EXTRA SPEAKING TIP #8 BUZZ WORDS ! NO buzz words or jargon. ! You wont impress an audience - youll lose them. ! Simple is best.
  • 13. EXTRA SPEAKING TIP #9 WATER ! For cotton mouth ! ! Room temperature - NOT ice water, NOT hot tea of coffee. ! ! Lozenges ! ! ! NOT cherry - red tongue !
  • 14. EXTRA SPEAKING TIP #10 CONSTANTLY take TEMPERATURE of the audience ! Facial Expressions ! Body language ! ASK - Does that make sense? ! ! May have to re-state in a different manner
  • 15. EXTRA SPEAKING TIP #10 QUESTIONS ! NOT after conclusion ! ! The CONCLUSION is the CONCLUSION - Period. ! Throughout talk or time set aside for them
  • 16. EXTRA SPEAKING TIP #11 POWER POINT ! What DIDNT you see in my slides? ! ! Lots of text and bullet points - YOU supply the text! ! ! Reading text doesnt reinforce message, it confuses it. ! Dont use fancy build-ins, build outs and transitions ! CLEAN and SIMPLE is best
  • 17. Fred E. Miller Writer - Speaker - Coach Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Contact 314-517-8772 Fred@NoSweatPublicSpeaking.com http://www.nosweatpublicspeaking.com