Theory vs law review (cell theory)2

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theory vs law

Transcript of Theory vs law review (cell theory)2

  • 1. Theory vs. Law Review

2. 1. What example does the author (article)use to show whether or not a theorybecomes a law? So just as houses dont becomebricks, theories dont becomelaws. Both are important, butthey tell us very different things. 3. 2. What is a theory based on? (textbook) A scientific theory is based on repeatedobservations and scientific investigations. 4. 3. What is a scientific law? (textbook) A scientific law describes a pattern or anevent in nature that is always true. 5. 4. What can happen if a hypothesis is well-supported?(textbook) A well-supported hypothesis can contributeto a theory or a law. 6. 5. What happens if new observations arefound that do not follow a scientific law?(textbook) If many new observations do not followthe law, the law is rejected. 7. 6. What can happen if a theory has a flawor new information is discovered that doesnot support a theory? (article & book) If new information does not support ascientific theory, the theory will bemodified or rejected. (book) Scientists would examine the newevidence, and see if there was a way toadjust the theory so that the new evidencefit. (article) 8. 7. How does Einstein explain the wayscientists work? (article) No amount of experimentation can everprove me right; a single experiment canprove me wrong. Albert Einstein Until evidence goes against the existinglaws and theories, they continue to beaccepted. 9. 3. What is the difference between scientifictheories and laws?Theory: The best explanation ofobservations or events Attempts to explainhow or whysomething happens More complex than laws &can contain severalsupported hypothesesLaw: A statement or equationthat reliably predictspatterns or events in nature Considered universally true does not answer whyquestions Usually based on 1 well-supportedhypothesis that states thatsomething will happen 10. What is the difference between scientifictheories and laws?Both (theory & law): Based on many observations Can be modified or rejected with new info. Includes well-supported hypotheses 11. Contributing Scientists toCell TheoryScientists (in order) Contribution (what theydiscovered)Robert HookeBuilt a microscope & looked atcork; noticed small openings(cells)SchleidenLooked at plant cells (noticedthey are similar to animal cells)SchwannStudied animal cells (noticed theyare similar to plant cells)VirchowProposed that all cells come frompreexisting cells 12. 1. What is cell theory?Cell theoryAll living thingshave cellsCells are thesmallest unit oflifeAll cells comefrom preexistingcells 13. Definition of CellA cell is the smallest unit that iscapable of performing lifefunctions. 14. 6. What attempts to predict events innature under certain conditions?0% 0% 0% 0%A. B. C. D.A. Scientific theoryB. Scientific modelC. Scientific lawD. Scientific hypothesisNon-ResponseGrid 15. 7. What attempts to explain whysomething happens in nature?0% 0% 0% 0%A. B. C. D.A. Scientific theoryB. Scientific modelC. Scientific lawD. Scientific hypothesisNon-ResponseGrid 16. 8. Which of the following do scientifictheories and laws have in common?A. Both try to explain why something0% 0% 0% 0%A. B. C. D.happensB. Both try to predict events in natureC. Both are complex and based on severalhypothesesD. Both can be rejectedNon-ResponseGrid