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The Trip to Ireland. By: Alex Miller. Itinerary. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Trip to IrelandBy: Alex Miller

ItineraryMy trip of a lifetime would be, to go to Ireland. Ireland would be my trip of a lifetime because thats where my ancestors came from. Also it is a beautiful place. I would take my mom because she wants to go to Ireland sometime also. I would be going for a week from May 13, to May 20.

HazardsHemlock (dangerous plant)Rabid dogsWeever fishFloodingMajor stormsPickpocketsCarjackingDrunks MeaslesMumpsInfluenzarubella


Guinness StorehousePhoenix Park/Dublin ZooDublin CastleSt. Patricks CathedralNational museum of Ireland-ArchaeologySlieve LeagueCliffs of MoherNational Aquatic CentreFour leaf clovers, t-shirts, magnets, keychain, Ireland sand/dirt.To : Parent, sisters, friends,

Contribution Science

The torpedo was invented in Crosshaven, Cork, Ireland in 1874, by Louis Brennan.It was patented in 1877.People liked the torpedo because they thought it would be improvement to the navy.

Type of Government

Population-4,627,491Languages-Irish Gaelic, Irish, EnglishCurrency-Euro Geographic Location-Europe, Northwest, its an island and the closest is United KingdomType of Government-Parliamentary DemocracyBranches-yes (15) the power is dividedIn charge-President Michael D Higgins, has been in charge for 3 yearsTerms-7 years long and can be re-electedCountrys Government-Has been like since the late 1800sSame As Ours-The powers dived-Has a President

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