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All Spartans were inspected upon birth to assess their quality. Any Spartan baby not believed strong enough for service to Sparta was left to die!

Boys left home at the age of 7 to join the Agoge

The Spartans formed Phalanx formations out of heavily armored soldiers called Hoplites

Video about the Agoge


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Helots were the slave class to the Spartans They were not allowed to own weapons They lived outside of the city of Sparta They provided food for the Spartans by

working the land The Spartans were constantly at war with

the Helots putting down any revolts, or suspected revolts

Spartans regularly killed Helots under suspicion of conspiring to revolt Qui


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Greece battled Persia from modern day Turkey all the way to mainland Greece No battle involving the

Spartans is more famous then the battle of Thermopylae

Battle of Thermopylae video


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Sparta also fought many wars against Athens, these wars became known as the Peloponnesian Wars Athens and her allies formed the Athenian

League Sparta led the Peloponnesian League

These wars are the main example of Greece’s constant inner conflict

Eventually Greece was weakened by all the war going on between Greeks

Sparta and Athens became allies only to defeat the Persian invasion of XerxesQui


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Sparta was eventually left weak by constantly battling other Greek City-States and putting down Helot revolts

The Macedonians then ascended from the north and conquered all of the great Greek City-States including Athens and Sparta

The Macedonians were led by Philip II, father to Alexander the Great

More info on Philip IIQui


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•Philip II was the ambitious leader of the Macedonians•He was known for having many battle scars including having lost an eye on the battlefield•He conquered all of Greece, including Sparta, and united the Greek City-States under his rule•His ambitions were to conquer the Persians, however he was murdered before he could pursue this dream•His son was Alexander the Great, who did go on to conquer the Persians and beyondQui


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