The Kite Runner

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In the Name of Allah, The Mighty, The Merciful, The Omnipotent, The Omnipresent who bestowed on me the power of speaking

The Kite Runner

About NovelThe Kite Runner is Hosseinis first novel.

It is also the first novel published in English by an Afghan. The novel was the number three best seller for 2005 in the United States.

Background on The AuthorKhalid Hosseini was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, where much of the book takes pace. He later moved to California and become a doctor. Husseini wrote The Kite Runner in 2001, and is currently working on his second novel, which is also placed in Afghanistan

The novel, tells the story of two young boys in an Afghanistan that precedes the bloody communist achievement and the rise of the Taliban. The novel crosses decadesand continentsbringing American readers into a world theyve rarely seen, of violence and lack and tragic disloyalty. At the same time, its a universal tale of friendship, redemption and profound hope.

ContentsTwo main national people Major characterMinor characterOverall CharacterRelation Among CharacterSummaryComments

Two main national people

Major characters

Amir Hassan AssefBabaAli

Minor charactersIqbal TaheriSorayaAliWaliZamanDr.Armand FaruqiFaridKhala jamila

Overall characterization

Important PlacesKabul, Afghanistan-Amir grew up here and it was the first influence on him.San Francisco, America-The area that Amir moved to when he left Afghanistan. This is where he attempts to drown himself in the American culture to forget his past.

AmirThe protagonist.And narrator of the novel. A wealthy boy who grows up in Kabul. Afghanistan along with his father,Baba.Amir abuses his privileges over his servant and loyal friend,Hassan. And then fails to come to his aid when Hassan is being raped. The rest of the novel deals with Amirs guilt, his growing maturity (as he and Baba move to the U.S.)

BabaAmirs father, a larger-than-life figure with wild hair and a loud voice.Who works hard and succeeds at all of his endeavors, but stands by his strict moral principles. Babas great sin is committing adultery withAlis wife.He isHassans real father. Babas many works of charity and the orphanage he builds are part of his attempts to redeem himself.

HassanAmirs childhood playmate and companion, a Hazara boy with acleft lip. Hassan is an excellentkiterunner.He is naturally intelligent, but illiterate because of his social class. He is always loyal to Amir, even when Amir betrays him. Hassan eventually marriesFarzana, and has a son namedSohrab.

SohrabHassans son, a boy who is sent to an orphanage when Hassan andFarzanaare killed. He is then taken from the orphanage and sexually abused byAssef, untilAmircomes for him and brings him back to America.Sohrab is a symbol of all the terrible things that have happened to both the characters and the country of Afghanistan.He also offers a chance for hope and redemption.


AliHassans father, a Hazara who was orphaned as a boy.Then taken in byBabas father and raised as Babas playmate and servant. The lower half of Alis face is paralyzed.He was crippled in one leg by polio, but Ali remains cheerful and kind.


Babas Servant



AssefThe antagonist of the novel.A blue-eyed, cruel boy who idolizes Hitler.Torments children with his self-confidence knuckles, and later rapesHassan. As an adult Assef joins the Taliban, where he is given free reign to exercise his violent and pedophilic nature.

SorayaThe daughter ofGeneral Taheri. As a young womanSorayaran away with an Afghan man, dishonor herself.Amirfalls in love with her and they get married, and Soraya later becomes a teacher.

Rahim KhanBabas close friend and business associate.A kind man who often seems to understand the youngAmirbetter than Baba does.Rahim Khan encourages Amirs writing.As an old man he summons Amir back to Afghanistan for a chance to redeem himself by rescuingSohrabfrom Afghanistan.

General TaheriSorayas father andBabas friend, a former general in the old pre-soviet regime of Afghanistan.He is a traditional.Traditional Afghan man who in the United States collects welfare and refuses to labor beneath his station in America.

FaridA man who drivesAmirback to Afghanistan from Pakistan. At first Farid is unpleasant and sarcastic towards Amir. He learns aboutSohrabFarid becomes a loyal friend and helps Amir on his journey.

SanaubarHassans mother andAlis wife. Sanaubar had a dishonorable reputation as a young woman. She hates Ali and leaves after Hassan is born.Returns as an older woman to take care ofSohrab.

WahidFarids brother, a man who is very poor and whose children are starving.Whos hospitality is such that he nonetheless feeds Amir before his own children.

Sofia AkramiAmirs mother andBabas wife, a college professor of royal blood. Who dies giving birth to Amir. Amir always believes that his father secretly hates him.Amir considers that he is responsible of his mothers death.

Summary The Kite Runner is an inspiring book about the life of a young Pashtun boy named Amir as he copes with his childhood decisions 26 years prior. Living in a lavish house in the richest district of Kabul, Afghanistan, Amir has everything he could ever wish for, except the loving attention and acceptance of his father, Baba. Ali and his son Hassan are their servants, both being of the Hazara minority ethnicity. Throughout his childhood, Hassan was always by Amirs side as a loyal and dedicated best friend; they did everything together including Kite running.

Each year it was a tradition for the Afghan community to hold a festival of kites during the winter and each year a single victor would arise amongst hundreds, being the only kite left in the sky after a long day of cutting. There were those who ran and fought the kites and then those who were the kite runners. Amir was an incredible kite flyer and Hassan was the best kite runner there was. Promising to fetch the prized blue kite that Amir defeated to win the festival, Hassan ran off into the streets of Kabul

When he did not return, Amir went looking for Hassan and discovered him cornered by Assef, a sociopathic bully, and his two followers. It was there that Amir hit an all time low and cowardice as he watched his best friend get beaten and raped and did nothing. It was the guilt of this decision that made him the man that he is.

Years later after Hassan and Ali leave, the Roussi army attacked, forcing Baba and an 18 year old Amir to flee the country to California, America. It is here where he is still haunted by Hassans rape each day while attended high school and college to become a writer. When Baba becomes very ill with cancer, Amir asks Soraya, a fellow Afghan refugee to marry him and she becomes his rock of stability. Shortly after they get married Baba dies.

Soraya and Amir try having kids but fail and it is then when Amir receives a call from a man who was more of a father to him than his own, Rahim Khan. Rahim tells Amir of the unfortunate shooting of Hassan and his wife but that their son is now in an orphanage. This is a chance for Amir to make amends and atone his sin adopting their son.

The End

Ultimately,The Kite Runneris a novel about relationships specifically the relationships between Amir and Hassan, Baba, Rahim Khan, Soraya, and Sohrab and how the complex relationships in our lives overlap and connect to make us the people we are.

MoralThe moral of the novel is forgetting and correcting the past.Amir realized that he could not run from the past forever, and so he corrected it by going back Kabul and confronting Assef adopting Hassans son Sohrab


I read this book with a class, I think it was very well written. Excellent work by the author -Mutombo

I read this book for a class and I thought it was one of the best books that I have read in a long time -Frenzy

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