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Transcript of The Kite Runner

  • 1. The Kite Runner
    A Literary Journey

2. The book takes place between the 1970s and 2001.
Kite Runner is centered in Afghanistan over the last forty years, as well as the Afghan community in America.
The effects of the Russian invasion, the Mujahidin and the Taliban on the Afghan people are all dealtwith in the book.
In Afghanistan, the Pashtun nationality has been the most dominant. This is the same nationality of Amir and Baba.
The Hazara are a minority group in Afghanistan, and this is the nationality of Hassan and Ali. They have always been persecuted in Afghanistan.
3. Before 1973 Zahir Shah was the king. He was trying to modernize the country, but was mostly just collecting more taxes through telegraphs, and was focusing mainly on the army.
In 1973, the king was overthrown by Daoud, a member of his own family to create a republic. He called himself president instead of the traditional name of king.
Daoud was able to gain power with the help of an underground party named the Peoples Democratic Party of Afghanistan. Daoud has promised the PDPA government posts in exchange for their help. As soon as Daoud no longer needed their aid, he ditched them.
In 1978, the PDPA took power from Daoud and started a reform. They tried to make the country a better place, for example trying to give men and women equal treatment. Yet, they quickly were faced with opposition and rebellion.
Timeframe: pre 1973-1978
King Zahir Shah
4. The Soviet Union saw the opportunity and invaded Afghanistan in 1979 and the power went to a man named Karmal.
The United States entered in by giving money and weapons to Islamic guerillas in order to keep the Soviet Union from taking over Afghanistan.
The Soviets lost so many men and money from the war that they finally gave up in 1989.When the PDPA government regained stability, the USA backed out as well.
In 1992, the PDPA government was defeated by Islamic guerillas, the Mujahideen. Warlords of the Mujahideen ruled in Afghanistan and caused thousands of murders and rape.
Timeframe: 1978-1992
5. In order to end the civil war, Pakistani Intelligence created a new Islamic fundamentalist movement, called the Taliban.
In 1996, the Taliban captured the city of Kabul.At first, they were met with joy and happiness, but that soon came to an end.
The Talibans rules became the law of the land. Women were forbidden from attending school or holding employment. Television was banned, and efforts were made to get ride of any signs or remnants of Western influence. The country became isolated.
The most recent event in Afghanistan is the current war following the September 11th attack and that Osama Bin Laden was accused of this crime.
Timeframe: 1992-Today
6. About the Author:KhaledHosseini
Born: Kabul, Afghanistan-1965
Father- diplomat for the Afghan Foreign Ministry
Mother- high school Farsi and History teacher
1976- AFM transferred the Hosseini family to Paris
Were planning to move back to Kabul in 1980 but the Soviet army had invaded the city and the communists caused bloodshed throughout the country.
In September 1980 the family moved to San Jose, CA
Khaled graduated from high school in 1984 and from Santa Clara University in 1988 with a major in Biology.
University of California San Diego Medical School and residency at Cedars- Sinai Hospital
Began writing The Kite Runner in March of 2001 and it was published in 2003
Book is an international bestseller and is sold in 48 countries
A Thousand Splendid Suns is Hosseinis second novel and it was published in 40 different countries
The KhaledHosseini Foundation provides assistance and help for those in most need in Afghanistan
7. Summary
8. Amir- The narrator and main protagonist of The Kite Runner. Amir is a very jealous and sensitive young boy who craves the attention of his father. He is part of a wealthy household in Afghanistan before the Soviet-Invasion. He later re-establishes his life in America with his father, Baba.
Hassan- Amirs servant, and half-brother as discovered late in the novel. Hassan is a very loyal friend to Amir. After going through personal tragedy, Hassan becomes very introverted and Amir and Hassans relationship falls apart. Hassan never learns the truth about his relation to Baba and Amir. He is executed by the Taliban along with his wife in front of their son Sohrab.
Baba- Amir and Hassans father. A very wealthy, and well liked man in Afghanistan, Baba is well-known for throwing huge parties and opening in orphanage. After moving to America Baba works at a gas station, and later dies from lung cancer.
Important Characters
9. Ali- Babas servant and friend, and Hassans supposed father in the beginning of the novel. Ali suffered from polio and therefore only had use of one of his legs. He was killed by a land mine.
Soraya- Amirs wife. Met Amir at the flee markets. She is always yearning to have a child but cannot concieve.
Sohrab- Hassans son who Amir adopts at the end of the novel, saving him from the corrupt orphanages in Afghanistan.
Assef- A childhood tormenter of Amir and Hassan. Rapes Hassan as a child, and later becomes part of the Taliban and takes advantage of Hassans son Sohrab. In the end, he battles Amir for the custody of Sohrab. He loses the fight when Sohrab uses his fathers old slingshot to shoot Assefs eye out, the same sling shot Hassan threatened him with to protect Amir years before.
Important Characters