The Kite Runner Chapter 6-10

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Transcript of The Kite Runner Chapter 6-10

  1. 1. The Kite Runner Analysis Chapters 6-10
  2. 2. A look back: chapters 1-5 Establishing the characters Relationships between characters Amir & Hassan Baba & Ali Amir & Baba War breaks out Hassans birthday present
  3. 3. Chapter 6 Kite fighting in winter Tournament Baba says he thinks Amir will win Kites Kite Running
  4. 4. Chapter 7 THE BIG CHAPTER First 6 chapters build up to this one, the following chapters deal with the consequences. The tournament
  5. 5. Chapter 7 Amir wins the tournament. Hassan runs the blue kite. Amir goes to find Hassan. He finds Hassan in an alley, trapped. Hassan gets thrown onto the ground. Next, the narrative goes back and forth.
  6. 6. Chapter 7 The alley scene. Wali and Kamal Feast of Eid-e-Qorban. The sheep. Amirs last chance to do something. Amir meets Hassan in a ravine. Hassan hands Amir the blue kite. At home, Baba takes Amir into his arms.
  7. 7. Intermezzo: CH6+7 analysis Many things that have been building up, now come together. Hazara vs. Pashtun Amirs desperation to please his father. Guilt
  8. 8. Intermezzo: CH6+7 analysis The lamb sacrificed at Eid-e-Qorban. The irony in the alley scene. Is this what Baba would have wanted him to do?
  9. 9. Chapter 8 Amir rarely sees Hassan anymore. The trip to Jalalabad. In the van Dinner, Baba tells about the kite tournament Sleeping Start of his insomnia
  10. 10. Chapter 8 Back in Kabul. Hassan asks Amir what he has done wrong. Amir asks Baba if they can get new servants. The pomegranate tree Amirs birthday Assefs present Rahim Khans present
  11. 11. Chapter 9 Babas presents Ali and Hassans presents Amirs actions Ali and Hassan leave The bus station
  12. 12. Chapter 10 March 1981 Refugees to Pakistan The Russian soldier at the checkpoint The basement with Kamal and his father Kamals story Baba and Karim The fuel truck
  13. 13. Important The alley scene Consequences for Amir, does not know how to deal with it. How does Hassan react The pomegranate tree Ali & Hassan leave War breaks out, refugees
  14. 14. Themes Redemption/atonement to make up for, make amends for Father and sons ?