The Hellenistic Era Ms. Lee & Mr. Anders. “Hellenisticâ€‌...

download The Hellenistic Era Ms. Lee & Mr. Anders. “Hellenisticâ€‌ means to imitate the Greeks The Hellenistic Era was a period of considerable cultural accomplishments

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Transcript of The Hellenistic Era Ms. Lee & Mr. Anders. “Hellenisticâ€‌...

  • The Hellenistic EraMs. Lee & Mr. Anders

  • Hellenistic means to imitate the Greeks

    The Hellenistic Era was a period of considerable cultural accomplishments in many areas.Gold-glass.. Used to carry perfumes & oils in the Hellenistic Era.

  • Background InformationUpon Alexanders death, his generals struggled for power4 distinct kingdoms emerge

    Alexander had encouraged a marriage of East & WestBut Hellenistic kings saved positions of power for Greeks & Macedonians

    Ptolemy I Soter, founder of the Ptolemaic dynasty in Hellenistic Egypt. One of Alexanders most trusted generals.

  • Background Information

    Hellenistic kings encouraged new cities and military settlements to be built, which further expanded Greek influence & culture.

    Hellenistic Kingdoms

  • Hellenistic CultureArchitecture & SculptureThe founding of new cities presented new opportunities for architects & sculptorsHellenistic kings were very willing to spend handsome sums of money in beautifying their new cities. The winged victory of Samothrace. Hellenistic Era Sculpture.

  • Hellenistic CultureLiteratureWriting was held in high esteemAppolonnius of Rhodes- Epic Poems (Argonautica)Theocritus- short poems

    Athens remained the center for theatre Jason & the Golden Fleece

  • Hellenistic CultureConsiderable Scientific AdvancementAristarchus- Heliocentric UniverseEratosthenes- Determined the earth was round. Also, he calculated the Earths circumference to be 24,675 miles only 185 miles off of the actual figure!Eratosthenes

  • Archimedes Eureka!! Archimedes discovered specific gravity by observing the water he displaced in his bath.He then jumped out of his bath, shouted Eureka! (I have found it), and ran home naked! #classy

  • Hellenistic CulturePhilosophyEpicurus- EpicureanismHuman beings must follow self-interest to achieve true happiness! Happiness was the pursuit of pleasure.Pleasure was freedom from emotional turmoil and worry.Epicurus- Founder of Epicureanism

  • Hellenistic CulturePhilosophyZeno- StoicismHappiness can only be found by finding inner peace and living in harmony with the will of God!Be a good citizen!

    Zeno, founder of Stoicism.

  • Hellenistic CultureArchitecture and SculptureLiteratureSciencePhilosophyHellenistic Culture*Chapter 5 Section 5-List achievements and people in each area.