Hellenistic Urbanization

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Hellenistic Urbanization. The Culture of Cities Monday, November 30/2005. SOSC 2730. Read. 7 Hellenistic Absolutism &Urbanity 8 Megalopolis into Necropolis. Selected Civilizations. City-Building Economic Activities. local trade long-distance trade manufacturing finance. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Hellenistic Urbanization

  • Hellenistic UrbanizationThe Culture of Cities

    Monday, November 30/2005SOSC 2730

  • Read7 Hellenistic Absolutism &Urbanity

    8 Megalopolis into Necropolis

  • Selected Civilizations

  • City-BuildingEconomic Activitieslocal tradelong-distance trademanufacturingfinance

  • Long-Distance Trademerchantswholesale, retailgoods & flow of exchange mediumcustoms duties/tax collection, carters, warehousing activities, credit facilities, information network

  • Strategic Importancelarge cities were important gathering pointsAGGLOMERATIONinformation, markets, distribution

    large cities were important entry pointsGATEWAY FUNCTION

  • Major Cities in theHellenistic World


  • Major Cities in theHellenistic Worldimportant centres ofcultural disseminationcultural blendingGreek languageart, architecture, science

  • agriculturetradecitiesarchitecture

  • Stoa

  • Theatres

  • Council Halls

  • Peristyle