The Hellenistic World

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The Hellenistic World. 1. Macedonia. Philip II Reorganized Macedonian army Adopted the Phalanx system but modified it by using longer spears Also had larger bodies of archers and cavalry Conquered every major city-state in Greece except Sparta - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Hellenistic World

The Hellenistic World1. MacedoniaPhilip IIReorganized Macedonian armyAdopted the Phalanx system but modified it by using longer spearsAlso had larger bodies of archers and cavalryConquered every major city-state in Greece except SpartaAssassinated in 336 B.C.; Son Alexander became king

b. Alexander the Great20 years old when he became kingStudent of AristotleRe-established control over Greece

iv. Attacked Persia in 334 B.C.Alexanders army was smaller but was loyal to him and was wellDefeats Persian armyv. Attacked EgyptWelcomed as a liberatorNamed the new pharaohvi. Will try to take India but army refused to go onvii. 323 B.C. Alexander dies in Babylon; he was 33 years oldviii. Had no heir

ix. Empire divided between his top 3 generalsAntigonus- King of Macedonia and GreeceSeleucus- Persian EmpirePtolemy- Egypt

Blending CulturesAlexander helped create a new type of culture called Hellenistic or Greek-like2. Hellenistic Worldb. AlexandriaBuilt by Alexander, in EgyptLocation of the Nile River was ideal for tradeBuilt great palaces and grand monumentsThe MuseumHeld many works of artThe Library of AlexandriaContained many works on philosophy, literature, history and the sciencesc. Life in the Hellenistic WorldGovernmentCity-states were replaced with kingdomsDemocracies became monarchiesWomenGained the rights to receive an education and to own propertyLegally they were not equal to men thoughPhilosophyCynicismCalled cynicsRejected pleasure, wealth and social responsibilityBelieved man should live according to nature3. Hellenistic Achievementsii. EpicureansBelieved people should seek out pleasurePleasure is viewed as goodPain was viewed as evilBelieved one should develop close friendships with people who shared similar ideasiii. StoicismCalled StoicsPlaced emphasis on reason, self-discipline, emotional control and personal moralityBelieved people should find their role in society and strive to fulfill itb. Science and TechnologyEuclidFormulated many of the ideas of geometry that we still use todayEratosthenesCalculated the size of the globe

iii. ArchimedesDeveloped the compound pulleyInvented the mechanical screw

Mechanical Screw

Compound Pulley