Hellenistic achievements

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Transcript of Hellenistic achievements


ThalesFirst true mathematician

USed math to calculate the height of the pyramids1st known person to study electricityExplained natural phenomena without using the gods!

Pythagoruspythagorean Theorem

AnaximanderEarth had once been covered all in waterPeople had evolved from an earlier form (perhaps a fish)

And the first known map

Alexander the Greats legacy was the culture of learning that he spread through out his empireMany men made important discoveries

AristarchusThe Mathematician

Who was the first to understand that the universe was huge!

The earth revolves on its axis

That we have a heliocentric solar system

But the world was not ready for his ideas!It wouldnt be until the 1500s and the work of Nicholas Copernicus that the world began to accept that the Earth revolved around the sun!

ErasistratusFounded the school of anatomy in alexandria

The Brain is the center of the nervous system

Discovered the pulseANd its importance in diagnosing illness

The heart pumps blood through the body

liquids are taken into the esophagus and then passes into the bladder

HipparchusThe father of trigonometry

Created TrigonometryCreated Trigonometry tablesTrigonometry deals with the relationship between the sides and angles of a plane or spherical triangles

Distance between sun and the earth

Predicted eclipsesDue to his studies of the movements of the planets

EuclidKnown as the Father of Geometry

But he didnt invent itHe came up with some theorems, compiled the works of others and people used it for centuries!

EratosthenesNicknamed Beta

Calculated the circumference of the EarthAnd was only off by about 200 miles!

He created the most accurate map knownAnd believed that all the oceans were connected

ArchimedesGreatest scientist of antiquity

Approximated piWithout formulas! Just used calculations of polygons to get as close as possible!

Compound pulley

Archimedes screw

Archimedes Principle