The Doppler Effekt detected by Christian Doppler

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The Doppler Effektdetected by Christian Doppler

How does it work ?The lenght of the waves gets longer on the side where the object go away and shorter on the other side.

How this effect affects our universeWhen a shining objektin the universe moves itbehaves like sound

If the speed of the object increase the wavelength increase too.

vvvWe only need the wavelength to calculculate the speed, because:

But the speed is very high to the speed of light, so we need the formula of the Theory of the Relativity

How we can calculate the distance of the object when we know the speed ?

Hubble lawThe linear correlation between distance (r) and flightspeed (v) is called hubble law v=h0r

Hubble konstantHubble - konstant" H0 = 72 km/ sMpc1 parsec = 3,6 Lightyears1Mpc = 3,6 Millionen Lightyears

In 1 Mpc 72km/sIn 2 Mpc 144km/s...In ? y Mpc x km/s x : 72 = y Mpc1 Mpc = 3,6 Million Light-years

y Mpc = 3,6 . y Million Light-years Can we imagine this distance?In 1s = 300 000 km1Mpc = 3,6 Million Lightyears

SpectroscopyThe secret behind the light History:1814 sun spectrum from Joseph von Fraunhofer with unknown black lines in the spectrum1859 Kirchhoff and Bunsen noticed that different chemical elements color the flame from a bunsen burner in different colours.

Two types of visual spectroscopyPhoton emissionPhoton absorption/Fraunhofer lines.

Ca+ H Mg Na+He H O2

Quasar calculations