The 300 Spartans

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The 300 Spartans

 A saga of Spartan Warriors

"When the boy was born, like all Spartans, he was inspected."

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The 300 Spartans

rdened by the practice of Agoge,e child fought to live,be a true Spartan,raised an army of 300,fight the long barbarism of Xerexes.

prisoners, no mercy!

rexes, who called himself,e gGod of Gods, the King of Kings,e great warlords, the Xerexes.d an incalculable army to combat the 300,but merely slaves who followed orders.

prisoners, no mercy!

d the amateur Arcedians,ho were ready to bleed,show Lionidas, who they were.

thers, sons, brethrens,nglomerated together fought bravely.

prisoners, no mercy!

r Sparta, for its glory, for its honor,ey did what they were to do,hat they were trained to do,hat they were bred to do,hat they were born to do.

prisoners, no mercy!

rexes’s order to surrender was denied,sent an army of mortals one by one,be killed at the hands of Spartans.

st a spear and a shield,artans take everything and give nothing.

prisoners, no mercy!

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rexes sent mortals, immortals,hen flesh failed, he sent magic.hen everything failed, he conspired,treachery to lure the grotesque to lift the shield, was rejected by Lionidas.

prisoners, no mercy!

hialtes, succumbed to the pleasures of concubines and wealth,fered by the shrewd barbarian Xerexes,hialtes unveiled the secret plan of Lionidas,owing this Lionidas’s heart was broken,t he didn’t gice up, didn’t surrender.

prisoners, no mercy!

artans don’t retreat, don’t surrender.t the coward Arcadians retreated,w among 300, who didn’t retreat,ught the battle in the name of Sparta,crificed their blood to the glory of Sparta.

prisoners, no mercy!

ios, who was sent to Sparta,

spread the glory and sacrifice of Spartans,emember us” was the simple orderd hope of Lionidas, and Dilios echoed,

We’ll fight till the Xerexes meet his death.” 

prisoners, no mercy!

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